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Lots of stuff happening at FitterFaster at the moment.

New Bootcamps at 9.30am

Firstly, on August 16th the 9.30am Bootcamp will return on Mondays and Thursdays.  I hope this makes it easier for those who find attending the early morning or the evening sessions difficult.  I suspect some of you will swap the Bootcamps you attend and hopefully some of you will add in an extra one by taking advantage of these new time slots.  There really will be no excuse for not attending your required 3 Bootcamps each week with 9 different times to choose from.

I also hope that this will enable those who have been unable to attend Bootcamp at all, to begin their FitterFaster journeys as well.

New members of the FitterFaster Team

Secondly, Tara and Leigh have joined Tania, Tatiana and I on the FitterFaster Team.  This is so exciting for me as it has enabled the 9,30am sessions to commence with Tara at the helm and also will  mean that the long awaited 3D Strength Bootcamps can also begin.

3D Strength Bootcamps starting soon

The 3D Strength Bootcamps will hopefully be up and running by the end of August as well.  I will be holding a ‘come and try it’ session first, so that if you’re thinking about it, but aren’t sure, you can come and have a go and see if it’s a fit for you.

These Bootcamps will be an extra session each week for those who come on board.  So you’ll still attend your 3 GPP (General Physical Preparedness) Bootcamps every week as well. 3D Strength will focus on strength and power development in a group session.

You will sign up for 10 weeks of 3D sessions at a time.  There will be limited numbers, so if you miss out and the session is full, you’ll have to wait till someone finishes their 10 week block before you can get a place.  Everyone will not have to start together however, so you can jump on board at any time there is an opening.

The 3D sessions will be held on a Monday evening and if there is sufficient need for extra places, another one will start on a Thursday morning at 6am as well.  To begin with, I’ll get them going and then Leigh will take over.  I’ll keep you all posted as to further details and how/when you can sign up.

Lastly, AMPED is well under way.  All 13 participants have been totally committed to the program and have ‘survived’ the first 2 weeks.  You can already see improvements in everyones’ appearance and I can’t wait to do their assessments at the end of the 6 weeks.


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