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AMPED final day to enter

Are you still considering joining the 9 participants already registered to start AMPED?

Have you tried every diet, every shake, every meal replacement, tablet or drink to get rid of your excess weight?

Tired of everything working for a few days or a week and then ending right back where you started, or worse, with even more fat to contend with?

If you want to get lean, build some muscle and improve your fitness all at the same time, this program is what you need.

AMPED uses proven training methods and a proven, healthy, long term nutrition plan to not just blast the fat from your body, but to keep it off.

Although you probably wont want to keep up the rigorous, multiple daily training forever, the entire program is designed to be ongoing once you’ve lost the fat.  ‘High intensity workouts coupled with real-food, healthy nutrition for life.’  This is the only way you can guarantee that you won’t just put the fat back on and have to search for the next magic bullet.

Exactly what to eat, what not to eat and when.  When to train, for how long and exactly what to do will all be covered.  I’ll be there to support you every step of the way, both at Bootcamp and also via email, phone or online in the private ‘members only’ AMPED group at the FitterFaster Forum.

This program is guaranteed.  Lose cm’s and fat or get your money back.

Go to the FitterFaster Forum for more details and to enter.


The entire program is delivered online in the members only section.  Miss it today and you’ll miss out all together.

If you need further info, please call me or email me-but do it TODAY!!



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