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Why or Why Not

Recently we did an exercise where we set up some process goals for Winter.  Hopefully these processes have started to become habit by now.  If you feel that you need to update your process goals, or even add others at any time, please head over to the forum and do so now.

It’s important to keep copies of these process goals in places where you’ll see them several times per day.  Otherwise its easy to forget and get to the end of the day and realise that you didn’t get to one of them, or made a choice or choices that didn’t correspond.

Why-Why Not??

Why, Why Not??

Despite the great improvements that many of you are making to your health, your daily lifestyle, your fitness and your weight management plan, there are a few of you that feel you are ‘stuck.’  It may seem that you are not getting the results you want right now, or that its taking too long or that something is stopping you from achieving them.

How come if you are doing all the right things, the results just aren’t coming quick enough?

It may be as I’ve said before, that things were actually working.  The weight started to drop off, your energy levels increased and you felt like you were improving at the different drills at Bootcamp.  You went down a couple of clothes sizes, you started running again and things were going along great.  Then it happened.  Things started to slow down.  The scales stopped moving despite you following all the ‘rules.’

Then the inner voice started again.

“This won’t work, it never does”

“It takes too long, what’s the point?”

“Why bother, its too hard?”

“I’ll never stick to it long enough anyway”

At this point in time, it can be very useful to right down a Why and Why Not list.

This is simply 2 lists of reasons.

One list  gives you the reasons why you should continue, why you want to continue and what benefits continuing will have.

List two spells out why you should not continue-the reasons, wants and benefits of ending your healthy lifestyle choices.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the entries on my list:


  • I love feeling full of energy and being able to have a go at anything I want
  • I want to continue to educate my family about being healthy and about healthy choices.  I lead by example rather than preaching one thing and doing another
  • I love being able to wear most of the clothes that I see and like
  • I love helping others to become healthier, something I couldn’t do if I wasn’t setting a good example
  • I want to live a long and active life.  I want to be around to see grand kids, great grand kids and of course to see my own children grow up
  • I don’t want to go back to consuming alcohol on a nearly daily basis.  Its a bad choice that disengaged me properly from the other important things in my life
  • I love being healthy and not catching every little bug that goes around.
  • I love to be able to participate in any activity with my kids-even though I have very bad ball skills, I can still run around with them any time I want and have fun with them
  • I love being able to cook my favourite meals sometimes or try new recipes even if they are not FitterFaster Results Blueprint approved.  I know that every day we make the right choices and that the occasional splurge is allowed and will not effect us in the same way that it would someone who makes these choices daily


  • I love food and sometimes the healthy choices are hard to make-I hate that
  • It can be tough to fit in training sessions some days and I feel guilty when I miss them-if they weren’t scheduled, I wouldn’t have to feel that guilt
  • A lot of my friends/acquaintances think I’m obsessed.  they think I’m a freak and that I’m mean to my kids because I limit their consumption of junk food
  • I could get more done in my days if I didn’t make myself go to bed so early
  • I love cooking (my kids think I should go on MasterChef-LOL) and sometimes recipes just don’t fit into the FitterFaster Results Blueprint

This is just a snapshot of some of the things on my lists.  I review them often and keep a copy in my diary so I can read it when things get me down or when I feel like its just not worth it.  I pop new things onto it all the time and sometimes I even remove points if they don’t seem to apply anymore.

Have a go at constructing you own lists.  Add your lists to the comments section below.  You will have compelling reasons to stick with it through the tough times and may even inspire others to continue or make the change at long last too.



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  1. fitterfaster

    This exercise is not compulsory guys, but if you’d like to do it and share, just click the speech bubble beside the heading of this post.

    Sharing your thoughts can help cement them in your own mind and you also may inspire someone else by pointing out benefits that they just didn’t see or realise.

    Thanks in advance for your input


    June 20, 2010 at 5:26 am

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