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Who wants to boost their fat loss and fitness over winter instead of coming out the other end a few kilos heavier?

Do you want to uncover that 6 pack in time for Summer?

AMPED  is a 6 week metabolism boosting, fat blasting program that will commence on 27th June.

In order to take part, you need to visit the FitterFaster Forum and read all the details, before answering the question “WhyShould I Get A Place In AMPED?”

All the pre requisites are listed.  I’ve set up this procedure to weed out the “wanna be’s” – those who can’t take these simple steps will not be up for the program.

On the other hand, if you are willing to log in, and take the necessary steps, are willing to commit to the daily training and strict nutrition plan, AMPED will get you the results you desire.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, on the forum, you will also see a group titled “AMPED”  on the left hand panel of the  forum website.  Please request membership, then once you’re in, post your before photos there.  Only members of the group will have access to these.  It’s within this ‘group’ that you’ll receive your weekly instructions and also log your progress.

The entire program will be delivered online.  So get to it, these 3 steps must be completed by 24th June.  No exceptions.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks and I can’t wait to get started.  I’ve been following the program myself for the past 11 days and I’m finding it challenging but am loving the results.



One response

  1. fitterfaster

    Come on guys, get a move along. Time is running out to enter AMPED

    June 19, 2010 at 7:04 am

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