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Okay Bootcampers

This is your next project.  You are all going to set some goals and post them on the forum.  Yes everyone!!  Now these goals are going to be a bit different though.  Here’s how.

So you decide to improve your health, lose weight, get fitter or improve your performance or condition for sport or a specific event.  Something clicks and you decide that the time is right and you’ll start now.  You possibly plan what you’ll do, or you sign up for the latest program or diet that everyone raves about.

At first it all seems to work really well.  You can see and feel the difference.  But before long, you start to doubt yourself.  You start to think things such as “It will take too long,” or “I’ll just put all the weight back on anyway-what’s the point.”  You may continue on with you program, but suddenly the results slow down or stop all together.  More self doubt creeps in and you miss a workout here and there, justifying that “it won’t work anyway.”  Before you know it, you’re missing workouts and eating the wrong foods all over again.

Why does this happen?  We are programed to stay the same.  Homeostasis is the technical name.  Even if we don’t like where we are at a given point in time, our bodies want to keep us that way anyway.  It’s important though, if you want to change, to ignore those inner voices even if you are unaware of them.

One really simple way of doing this is to set what I call PROCESS GOALS.  Having step by step processes to get you through those self doubting moments will help you to keep heading towards your ultimate goals.  All you have to do, is take the steps no matter what your inner voice is telling you.

I’ve already got some processes in place for you:

  1. Attend Bootcamp a minimum of 3 times per week
  2. Keep a nutrition diary
  3. Keep a training diary

So this is what you’re going to do:

  • All FitterFaster clients are going to head over to the FitterFaster Forum at and click on the ‘MUST READ/ACTION’ section of the forum.  You will find the discussion titled ‘My Process Goals For Winter.’
  • Once there, add a reply and type in at least 3 process goals that you are going to accomplish during and till the end of Winter.  Do not use the above ones, you should be doing these anyway.
  • Everyone is going to go through this process.  You will also earn a bonus 3 points for your platoon by doing so.

Some examples are:

  • Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water daily
  • Do at least 6 workouts per week including my minimum 3 bootcamps
  • Make sure I eat every 2-3 hours no matter what
  • Include fruits, vegies or salad at every meal and snack
  • Eat protein at every meal and snack
  • Take my fish oils every day without forgetting
  • When I want to give into a craving, I’ll do 100 squats first, then see how I feel-even if I need to do this 6 times per day
  • I will prepare and pack food when I know I wont be home, that way I wont have to settle for unhealthy food that doesn’t fit in with the FitterFaster Results Blueprint
  • Stop eating grain foods all the time.  I will eat one serving per day.
  • Instead of using excuses like ‘I don’t get a break at work’ or ‘But I don’t like _____’  I will find a solution (or I’m going nowhere)
  • Take morning/afternoon tea with me to work so that I wont need to ‘share’ the staff biscuits etc
  • Each night before bed, I will do 30 burpees

Feel free to use these, or better still make up your own.  Make them relevant to your situation.  If you know a particular area is a struggle for you, set a process goal to overcome it.

You’ve got till Friday to get this done in order to earn your points.  Once you’ve recorded them on the forum, write them down and stick them on your fridge, in your diary, on your desk or anywhere else that you need to see them regularly to remind you.

If you follow these process goals daily, you will get closer to your ultimate aim.  Just make the decision to do it and follow through, rather than just trying to focus on a long term goal all the time.

So get to it.



One response

  1. Michelle Bursill

    1. I will take healthy snacks to work
    2. Make sure I eat every 2-3 hours.
    3. I will walk outside of the 3 workouts sessions.

    These will be my goals.

    June 22, 2010 at 10:04 pm

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