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The Hard Questions…….

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, or have visited my website , you pretty much know what it takes to improve your health and achieve and then maintain a fit, lean body.

If not, take some time to browse through the posts from the previous year or so.  To summarise:

  1. Eat non processed foods whenever possible-and by that I mean all the time.  This includes cutting out breads and cereals regardless of being labelled wholegrain or wholemeal.  These are still processed foods.  Examples of what to eat:  fruit, vegetables, natural nuts, meat such as chicken, lamb, beef etc, fish, eggs, seeds.
  2. Exercise with intensity at least 3 times per week but preferably 5 times.  Get your heart really pumping.
  3. Cut you aerobic exercise, such as walking and easy jogging, running or cycling down to once or twice per week and only do that if you have already completed your intense training sessions as above.
  4. Stop drinking alcohol.  Have it on special occasions only.  While you’re at it, cut out soft drinks, sports drinks, cordials, milk and fruit or vegetable juices.
  5. Eat every 2-3 hours whenever possible and always include at least one fruit or vegetable and a protein source in each meal or snack.
  6. Give up foods that come in packets, bags, boxes or wrappers.  Exceptions include bagged fruit (real, whole fruit) and vegies.
  7. Take fish oil daily (at least 4 capsules)

It’s really quite simple and as long as you follow these simple rules, you do not have to count calories, carb grams or measure your food.  A splurge every now and again is okay too, but every now and again is not daily or even multiple times per week.  Once per week, you can eat something special, but any more than that and you are kidding yourself.

So now, ask yourself the following questions:

•Why do you continue to make short term decisions that ruin your chances of long-term success?
•Why do you continue to eat junk when you want to lose fat?
•Why do you watch so much TV when you continuously say you have no time for training?

Only you can answer these questions truthfully.

Do your answers explain your lack of results.

Are you following the basic rules above.

You know you don’t have to put weight on each year, that the Winter months don’t have to mean an extra kilo or two.

You know you can have more energy and fit into the clothes you’d like to wear.

You know you can get off most if not all of the medications you are taking and that you can stop picking up every little bug that goes around.

You know you can get rid of chronic pain like back, neck, knee, ankle and hip pain with the correct functional training.

Have a think about where you’d like to be in a few months time.

  • Minus a few kilos with a spring in your step ready to break out into those summer clothes.
  • Or once again, dieting and trying to get rid of that spare tyre or those love handles in anticipation of having to expose yourself in shorts and singlets.

It’s your choice totally.  Make the decision today to change your lifestyle forever and I promise you will have no regrets.



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