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Are you really doing what it takes? Part One

The majority of people who are carrying excess fat, you realise that it took time for those extra kilos to creep on.  It may have seemed like it happened almost overnight, but if you think about it, it’s actually been happening gradually over many months or most likely years.

You have to be realistic about how quickly you can lose weight, or more correctly fat. It’s not about ‘you have to lose it slowly to be permanent’ or ‘if you lose quickly it’s all fluid.’  The debate continues on these issues, it’s about being realistic depending on the amount of effort you are really making to get to your goals.

I posted a few days ago about planning your training and nutrition.  Are you really doing this?  Or are you still just coasting along, making good choices sometimes and the wrong ones at other times?  Have you worked out a plan of attack and are you sticking to it?  Really!!!!

I’ve noticed at Bootcamp over the past months, that some participants are just going through the motions.  More interested in how many sets we are going to do, if I’m counting correctly or what they did last night.  When you are training, you have to be totally focused.

When I join you in doing the drills at Bootcamp, I never really feel like I had a great workout.  I’m not totally focused on what I’M doing, so I can’t, and therefore don’t, put in 110%.  I’m busy timing, making sure you are all doing everything safely and correctly and of course trying to keep track of how many sets we’ve done.  I’m spotting and pushing YOU and focusing my attention on giving YOU the best workout possible to get you great results.

On the other hand, if I participate when say, Tatiana, is leading the group and I can focus solely on myself and the effort I’M putting in, I have a much better training session in terms of intensity and effort, therefore getting me closer to my goals and what I want to achieve.

I guess what I’m saying is – while you are at Bootcamp, if you want the great results that you see some others achieving, you have to put in the required effort.  It’s not enough to just turn up and ‘do a bit.’  You must focus all your energy into the set you are doing right now.  Don’t hold back, or save yourself.

There’s no ‘pacing yourself’ with this type of training.  It’s all or nothing if you want to see the benefits.  Even if that means that by the 10th set, you can hardly keep going because you went so hard in the initial repetitions.  It’s about going the absolute hardest you can go at any given point in time.

So at your next training session, how about you push a bit harder.  Pick a heavier kettle bell, even if you have to drop back down after a few sets.  Get your butt lower than usual and keep it still.  Run faster, jump higher and get your hips lower than ever before.  If you want to see changes or if you’ve plateaued lately, do something about it.



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