Fitness. Fatloss. Results.

Planning is Everything

“Spectacular achievements are always preceded by painstaking preparation, and weight loss is no exception”

I got this quote from The Biggest Loser and it’s so true.  Think winning a gold medal, getting a great result in an exam, a fantastic holiday, a wonderful production or finishing a big race for the first time.  All these require careful and constant preparation in order to ‘produce the goods’ so to speak.  And losing fat and maintaining that fat loss is no different.

The two main things you need to plan are:

  1. YOUR FOOD INTAKE – Knowing what you are going to eat each and every meal/snack in each and every day is the key to success here.  Leaving choices to the last minute and scratching up something from the cupboard or even worse, relying on take away is not good preparation.  It sounds like a great excuse at the time “Well I couldn’t get anything else”  but you’re only kidding yourself if you don’t prepare ahead of time.  You’re the only one missing out.  No one else cares if that was the only choice you had at the time, but in the long run, it’s YOU that makes those choices and has to put up with the consequences.
  2. YOUR TRAINING SCHEDULE – Being consistent with your training is the first rule here.  You absolutely must plan when and where you are going to train ahead of time.  Don’t wait till the alarm goes off to decide if you’ll get up this morning.  Don’t take the chance that you’ll just happen to feel like it after work.  Ahead of time, block out your training sessions in your diary or on your calendar.  Using excuses like “But I’ve had a hard day” only justify your choices to yourself.  Again, no one else cares about your reasoning-it’s you that has to bare the consequences of not training regularly and consistently.

It all comes down to your commitment to your own health and physical condition.  If you really want results, whether it’s fat loss, a faster run time or better health (or all of the above), there’s nobody else who can do it for you.  You have to take responsibility for your own life, your own choices and achieving your own goals.  There’s no magic tricks, no other way around it.  You have to decide that YOU really want to do it and make the right choices to get there.

Don’t forget our RELAY FOR LIFE fundraiser Bootcamp Saturday 20th at 7.30am at the Maryborough Hockey Oval.  For a small $10 donation, you can experience 60 minutes of fun and fitness.  See you all there.



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