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Bootcamp Updates

Hi everyone

Just a few quick updates of importance.

  1. Yes, Bootcamp will run as usual on Monday 8th March, that is 6am sharp!!
  2. Apparently there is a bike show thingy on the Hockey Oval this Saturday, so I thought we’d meet up at the Netball Complex where we trained during the winter last year.  Still at 7.30am, please let everyone know so that no one ends up at the wrong venue.  Rain has been forecast as well, and it’s a good surface up there if it does turn out wet.
  3. Expiration of packages and sessions running out has been an ongoing concern over the past weeks and months.  I am also asked frequently at Bootcamp “how many sessions do I have left?”

To help everyone keep up to date, a new column has been added to the attendance list alongside your names.  This column will list the number of sessions you have remaining in your package as at the end of the previous week.   You just need to subtract any sessions you attend in the current week to know how many you have left on any given day.  I hope this will help everyone keep a track and keep up to date with their renewals.

Please try to renew your package before you run out of sessions in the future.  All package details can be found on my website Purchases can be made via Paypal on the website, or you can leave a labelled envelope in the pink folder at Bootcamp if you prefer.

If you have any questions, about these items, please email or phone me at any time, or ask at Bootcamp




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