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Bootcamp and the weather

I just wanted to write a short post on Bootcamp and the weather.  Several newer Bootcampers asked me earlier this week “what happens if it rains?”  Of course my answer is that we get wet.  Rain won’t kill us and we have to shower afterwards anyway.

Of course, sometimes the ground just gets too wet to train on safely, so drills such as shuttle runs are out and others (like mountain climbers and burpees) can prove difficult also.   I can hear the cheers now “yeah no mountain climbers” from Brad!!

I am working on a solution to this problem and no I wont be installing a roof, but hopefully soon will have a ‘dry surface’ for us to work on.  We have been testing in different areas around Bootcamp at some of our sessions and am hoping I can find a solution that won’t cost tens of thousands very soon.  I have several ideas, and will be setting one up for trialling within a week or two.

In the meantime, we will be using a combination of the gym, the  area beside our pool, (both under cover, mud free and dry) and the outside area when possible.  The usual Bootcamp area is fairly free-draining being on a slight slope, so it’s really only when it is raining heavily or has been raining non stop for some time that it is a problem.  Unfortunately large groups like the 6am sessions necessitate the use of the outside area because there is just not enough room inside for so many participants.

So still come along if it’s raining.  Don’t wear your good shoes though and please bring a towel to use in your car on the way home if you are drenched.  I do have some towels for use during Bootcamp and have finally found someone to sew the rest of them for me, but for another couple of weeks till they are finished, you may need to bring your own for wiping sweat, dust, mud etc during the training sessions.

Other than the above modifications, training is on as usual.  Afterall, you have to shower when you get home anyway-don’t you???



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