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Hard N Up Challenge ‘Gretta’

The second P.O.W. (physical of the week) was attacked at Bootcamp this morning.

One round of ‘Gretta’ consists of 20 up-downers, 10m bear walk and 10m run back.  The goal was to complete AMRAP in 12 minutes.  Some great scores were achieved and you can find full details at

We will be completing both ‘Gretta’ and ‘Naomi’ one more time each this coming week on random Bootcamp days.  So be prepared to get right out of that comfort zone and break some records!!

Remember that you can do these P.O.W. challenges any time you like at home or anywhere else and try to beat your record.  If you do so, make sure you post your time/count on the forum.  You never know who you might inspire.

Pushing as hard as you have been during these challenges will boost your results no matter what your fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter, faster or stronger.  It will also help to get you over that plateau if your results have leveled out lately.

This coming week also sees the change of Bootcamp time schedule.   The new times are as follows:

Monday 6am

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 6am

Wednesday 6pm

Thursday 6pm

Friday 6am

Saturday 8.30am at Hockey Oval

All Bootcamps now run for 60 minutes and are held at FitterFaster Base Camp unless otherwise stated.  Tatiana and I will be taking the evening sessions together so that I can spend some extra time with individual Bootcampers, whether they are new recruits that need extra assistance, or seasoned officers that could do with a bit of extra pushing every now and again.

This week has also seen a record number of training diaries handed in.  There were only a couple who did not give them to me this week and you were only saved from the 20 burpees due to the fact that we have been doing the P.O.W. challenges this week.  Don’t expect me to be s

o lenient from now on.

Numbers have also been up this week, which is due in part to the recent addition of many new recruits, and to the fact that the currently enlisted have stepped up the average number of Bootcamps attended.

Many of you have made it out here 4, 5 or 6 times this week, which is fabulous as you realise that if you really want to be and look really fit and healthy, it takes hard work and a commitment to the Fit Lifestyle.

You are also realising that it takes consistency.  Coming 4 times one week, two the next, missing a week here and there will not get anyone good results.  You must commit to training hard at least 4-5 times per week if you want to be able to see the benefits.

You must also be consistent with your nutrition.  A lot of you say to me that you are ‘good’ most of the time, but if you really take the time to look and think about what you are eating, you will see that this just isn’t true.  YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET-no matter how many sessions or how hard to put in.

Be consistent with your training and be consistent with your nutrition.

I’ll be sending out the Home Workout of the Week tomorrow to all clients, so make the most of it and have a go to boost your training frequency, or alternatively, have a go at one of the Hard N Up P.O.W.s instead and let us all know how you go.

Lastly, I have quite a few t-shirts and singlets in stock at the moment.  They are priced at $25 each now as the cost has been reduced for me recently.  So if you’d like one, please let me know your size and I’ll get one to you asap.

Keeping training hard



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