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The new food pyramid

What do you think of this new food pyramid?

This guide turns the traditional and outdated food pyramid on it’s head!

Of note, are the 3 serves daily of meat, fish or poultry and the 2-3 serves EACH of vegies, nuts and berries.

Processed foods like bread, cereals, rice, pasta etc maximum 1 serve per day and restricted to use around your training session when the intake of such high carbohydrate food (with little nutrients) will be used to replenish your glycogen(sugar) supplies in your muscles and is least likely to be turned to fat.  Note it says 1 serve daily though-not a huge bowl or plate full!!

Supplements would include a multi vitamin/mineral and fish oils and possibly the use of a protein powder to meet higher protein needs when preparing fresh meals 5-6 times a day is impossible.

I will revisit this food pyramid again soon, but in the meantime, have a go at fitting this style of eating into your life.  You can expect to lose weight, improve cholesterol, high blood pressure and pre diabetes or type II diabetes symptoms.  You will also have much more energy than you presently have if you have been following the ‘old’ food pyramid.



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