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Hard N Up Challenge

The first Hard N Up Challenge was conducted at Bootcamp yesterday.  Full results can be found at the FitterFaster Forum:

Each P.O.W. (physical of the week) will be named after a Bootcamper with the first one named ‘Naomi’

The challenge was to complete 10 full burpees and a 20m sprint, 20 times.  Yes 200 burpees and 20 x 20m sprints.  The clock runs from start to finish regardless of any breaks you may or may not take.

Have a go at this one at home and try to better yours or someone elses time/reps.  THEN POST YOUR RESULTS ON THE FORUM FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

We will be repeating this Challenge once next week and again the week after at Bootcamp (no I’m not telling you which days) before we move onto the next Hard N Up Challenge P.O.W.

If you constantly challenge yourself with hard but brief sessions like this, you will notice a marked increase in your fitness levels over a short period of time.  You of course don’t want to be doing a challenge like this every day, but once or twice a week will make all the difference to your results.

Boosting your metabolism and burning loads of fat, increasing your fitness and giving yourself a mental boost will all be results of this.  All in  15 minutes or less!!

Go to the forum now to see the results.



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