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Questions and Answers about FitterFaster

Can I pay as I go instead of purchasing a Bootcamp Package
Short answer is no you can’t.  To get results, you have to commit fully.  Fitness and good health are not something you should be focusing on for just a short amount of time.  This is an ongoing, lifetime thing.  If you just want to try it, I offer the first 3 sessions for free and also have a 10 session package available to first time Bootcampers.  After that you must sign up for at least 24 sessions at a time which must be used within 9 weeks.

What if I can’t get there on time?  I’m just not a morning person.

Bootcamp starts strictly on time.  If you arrive late, please make sure that you spend a few minutes warming up before you join in with the rest of the session.  It is really important to make sure you warm up properly as a lot of the drills are very intense and you should not be jumping straight out of bed or the car and starting without preparing your body for the workout ahead.

I’ve heard that I must keep a training diary.  Why is that and do I really have to?

You heard correctly.  Every client at FitterFaster must keep a training diary and submit it each and every week.  You can do this by keeping a written copy and handing it in at Bootcamp, you can email it or preferably, you can keep you diary online at
Keeping a training diary is a really simple and easy way to help keep you on track.  20 burpees is the current consequence of not handing in your diary.  Consistently not handing it in may result in your Bootcamp package not being renewed.

Training 5 times per week?  What if I don’t have time?

Training 5 times per week is the minimum requirement once you have been attending bootcamp for a few weeks.  Any less and you will not be getting the results you desire in terms of fitness or weight loss.
You will need to attend Bootcamp 3 times per week and the other sessions can also be Bootcamps, or FitterFaster Home Workouts.
If you think you don’t have time or will not make time, FitterFaster is not for you.

What about my daily walks?  Can’t they be counted?

No, walking cannot be counted as one of your 5 workouts.  As you have probably already discovered, walking will not get you a lean athletic body.  By all means go walking, but only if you have time after you have completed your 5 FitterFaster training sessions for the week.

Do I have to be fit to start Bootcamp?

Anyone with an ordinary level of fitness can start the program. All drills and exercises can be modified to suit any fitness level. No matter what your starting level, you will soon see your fitness level soaring.

I don’t ‘do’ running, can I still come?

Almost every new client has told me that they don’t run.  We do not do any distance running, but do short sprints and intervals instead that yield tremendous results in combination with other Bootcamp drills.  Almost all clients end up ‘doing’ running and love the results they are getting.

Will it be hard?  I don’t know what to expect.

Yes it will be hard.  Most likely harder than anything physical that you’ve ever done before.  It’s the intensity that makes this different in terms of results.  You will be expected to put in 100% at every training session regardless of what else has happened to you that day.  And you’ll be surprised at the effect this will have on your whole life.  Everyone is putting in the same effort regardless of their fitness level.

What about my old netball/football/basketball/tennis/etc injury?

Most, but not all injuries or other issues can be accommodated at Bootcamp.  In fact ‘rehab corner’ is a regular feature on the schedule.  There are alternative exercises and drills that can be undertaken for most injuries, such as ‘the ropes’ instead of running for most types of leg, knee, ankle or foot injuries/issues.

Can I just come a couple of times?  I play  ……..(insert favourite sport here)……. and just won’t have time to come 3 times per week?

No.  Everyone must attend 3 times per week.

I have young children and don’t know if I can fit in 3 bootcamps every week and 2 home workouts.

When you’ve figured out how you CAN do it, then sign up.  Until then, don’t expect anything to change.  Incidently, Home workouts can be done with your kids, or even in your lounge room while they sleep.

What about diet?

Eating a healthy diet will have  a major impact on your results.  You can find plenty of free advice on my website and this blog to help you with this.  I can also do a personalised nutrition plan for you  (see  While I cannot choose what you eat, I do expect you to keep a 3 day food diary and bring it with you to your assessment and consultation every 5-7 weeks.  This will enable us to have a good look at your nutritional intake and make changes where necessary.
Sometime in the future, I hope to make a healthy diet compulsory for all FitterFaster clients.

Do I have to sign up online?

You have to complete the online questionaire and need to have an email address for regular contact.  However, you do not need to pay online.  Cash or cheque are also accepted.

Why do you say that I must attend 3 sessions per week or FitterFaster is not for me?

I’ve been training long enough and tried enough different programs, types of exercising and different methods of  ‘losing fat’  to realise that my life is much more fun and productive when I am surrounded with people who are willing to knuckle down and work for results.
I love helping people but only if they are willing to help themselves and this program requires a determination and commitment not present in many of those who blindly follow the fat loss experts like sheep CONSTANTLY waiting for that magic tip that will suddenly melt all the fat away, going from one program or diet to another.

Hopefully you’re next and are ready to stop searching.

And stop waiting for a better time or till you get a bit fitter’!!  That day will never come and you know it

So do I have to come 3 times per week?

Yes you do.  If you don’t attend three times per week on a regular basis, please rethink your decision before renewing your package.  Not using your sessions within their expiry date without good reason (not excuses) may result in you losing those sessions, or your renewal not being accepted.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

Firstly, this will work for everyone who follows the instructions.  If you eat the FitterFaster nutrition recommendations, train at least 3 times a week at Bootcamp and 2 other times per week and keep your diary and nothing happens, I will give you  a full refund on your package purchase.
This will not happen though, because this works. There is no magic, no potions, lotions or complicated routines or expensive equipment required, just hard work and a determination to get it done.  Do as I say and do myself and you can have a lean, athletic, fit, strong body with more energy than you ever felt possible.

What about one on one training?

In the near future, I hope to offer one on one, or at least small group training sessions.  These will most likely be held during the day or on weekends and will only be available to FitterFaster Bootcampers as ‘extra’ sessions.  These sessions may even be undertaken by invitation only to truly dedicated clients who fulfil all the other FitterFaster criteria discussed above.

Why can’t I just join and come when I can or when I feel like it?

FitterFaster is unlike any fitness and health program you have ever tried before.  And by that, I mean that this works if you do it properly.  I don’t want this to become just another thing you tried that worked for a while, or didn’t work at all before you gave up and started looking for the next magical bullet to solve all your problems.  That’s why I am strict and expect compliance.  It’s because I want you to experience success once and for all.

If you don’t want to stick to the whole program, you’ll have to keep looking elsewhere, because FitterFaster Bootcampers are seriously dedicated to their fitness and health and will make the time to come whether they feel like it or not.


So you want to impress people with your body and abilities?

Start today.

Start eating like you mean it, train like you mean it and live like this day, TODAY, is your only chance to do something and make a difference to your life.

If you want physical AND mental transformation I know you’ll love FitterFaster Bootcamp, so come along and if you don’t change your entire perspective on fitness within the first few weeks and lose cm’s before the end of your first package, I’ll give give you your money back.


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