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Extreme Transformation Program

The 6 Week Extreme Transformation Program is designed only for those who want to go that extra step to achieve amazing fat loss.

Only people with fat to lose and a base fitness level (at least 3-4 weeks solid attendance at Bootcamp) are eligible to complete the program.

Here are some of the main points about the program

  1. You have to be attending FitterFaster Bootcamp for at least 3-4 weeks prior to starting the program.  This is to ensure that you do not jump straight into such a full-on program without a base level of fitness.  To do otherwise, would be a recipe for burn out and injury.
  2. You must have fat to lose.  This program is not open to those of you with under 25% bodyfat for females and under 19% for males.  Book your assessment now to find out if you qualify or if you have had a recent assessment, email me to find out.
  3. You have to commit right from the start to the entire program.  No ifs, buts or maybes.  If you are thinking you can’t do parts of it, or are having second thoughts, this is not for you.
  4. Attendance at Bootcamp at least 4 times per week is part of the program.  Out of these 4 Bootcamps, at least 3 must be 60 minute sessions. (refer for bootcamp timetable)  Additional training sessions as programed will need to be completed at home.
  5. Most training days will see more than one workout involved.    Not all training sessions will be long, but they are ALL compulsory.  On days where more than one workout is programed, they must be done seperately, at least 3-4 hours apart. (second workouts are designed to be completed at home if necessary)
  6. There will also be mandatory rest/recovery days where no training other than stretching etc is allowed.
  7. You have to be willing to follow the complete nutrition program to the letter.  This will mean giving us such things as alcohol, lollies, chocolate, soft drink, bread, pasta etc for the whole 6 weeks-no exceptions.
  8. The start and finish date will be set for everyone.  No holding off till  after your holiday etc.  If you can’t follow it for the dates specified, don’t sign up.
  9. Before and after photos will be taken and used by myself as required to show the amazing results that you will achieve.  Again, please book your assessment now.
  10. Daily record keeping and at least twice weekly updating to the FitterFaster Forum will be compulsory for all.  Again-no exceptions.

The start date for the Extreme Transformation Program  is 11th January.  You must sign up and pay by Monday 4th January.

At the risk of repeating myself  (LOL)  the entire program must be adhered to 110%.  No excuses will be tolerated.  If you have any doubts about how you will comply, maybe this is not for you at this stage.  It’s 42 days, not a lifetime, but the changes you will make and habits you will form will hopefully be with you forever.

There are 2 ways to invest in the Extreme Transformation Program.

  1. Invest $200 to receive your complete nutrition program and supplements with total retail value of $356.  Then either purchase a Bootcamp package or use your existing one for your Bootcamp attendances
  2. Invest $400 which include the supplements (value $236), nutrition plan (value $120) and all the Bootcamps you can squeeze into the 6 weeks from 11th January.

If you are an existing Bootcamper that is part way through a Bootcamp package, it can be placed on hold if you wish to take advantage of option 2.

For further info, email me or comment to this post.

If you wish to participate, please email me now to find out how to do so.  ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE 4TH JANUARY with entry fees, assessments and photos being done by the 9th of January.


  1. Complete payment below or hand in cash/cheque in labeled envelope to Bootcamp by 4th January.
  2. Book your assessment/photos by the 9th January.  Email or call me to do this.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with the forum at This is where you will need to add your comments etc at least weekly but preferably twice weekly.  You will need to start your own discussion in the ‘Extreme Transformation Program’ section.
  4. If you have purchased the ‘no bootcamp’s’ option for $200, make sure you also purchase a Bootcamp package, if you don’t have one, from
  5. Please also let me know if you prefer, chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavoured protein powder.  I am using a yummy powder that does not require a blender etc to mix.




4 responses

  1. wendy evans

    This sounds good Jo i feel better now that i don’t have to do extra work at the shop to fill in for dad ,and when school holidays start i will be doing thursday night as well so that will give me 3 full 1hr sessions and 1 30 minute session being tuesday night which i am really enjoying. And the other reason is i have HEAPS of fat to lose. Any date is fine buy me

    December 2, 2009 at 5:18 pm

  2. Cathy Schwager

    Sounds great! Can we start at the start of school term Feb 1st? Then all the chaos of holidays away for us will be over and then I’d be able to focus and hopefully have enough days in at bootcamp before hand. I know I have the fat to burn. Anyway I guess you’ll keep us posted. I have been managing 4 bootcamps a week for the most part so would like to give it a go.
    Thanks Cathy

    PS What will it cost?

    December 9, 2009 at 12:30 pm

  3. fitterfaster

    It will be great Cathy. It’s looking like we’ll start on 11th January. I know that isn’t your preference, so sorry about that. I haven’t worked out the final cost yet, but the supplements will be included so the cost will cover them . You will have the option to continue on your current Bootcamp plan or purchase a special one along with the program where you can come as many times as you like for the 6 weeks-like we did for Greatest Loser.

    December 9, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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