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The Secret to Fat Loss…..

Losing weight or fat is one of the most confusing subjects. We are told everything from it only takes 2 minutes per workout, to you must stay in the fat burning zone for 30 minutes. Most of the marketing hype is just that-hype. Designed to get us to buy products that are supposedly going to make it easy for us to get into shape.

The fact is that losing weight and staying in great shape actually takes some hard work. All lean and fit people put in the time and effort. Ask them. It takes commitment and it takes hard work.

High intensity training will get you super fit and get you in the best shape of your life. It is a time efficient way to shape and tone up all your muscles and burn heaps of fat at the same time.  Combined with a healthy nutrition plan, the results will be phenomenal not just for your weight loss, but your overall health as well.

Each high intensity workout can be as short as 15-20 minutes. Of course you can go longer as you get fitter if you like. I find about 40-50 minutes to be ideal for me and most of my clients. You also need to train often. 5-7 times per week is ideal, but even 3 times per week will get some great results if you put in enough effort.

Every training session must begin with a warm up of about 5 minutes to get your heart rate up. You must also end with a few minutes of easy activity to bring your heart rate back down. The main part of your workout should take at least 10-20 minutes if you haven’t worked out in a while and can take as long as 40 minutes depending on how fit you are and how much time you have. Following is an example of an interval cardio session:

1 minutes hard
30 seconds easy

Sound too easy? Try it. The secret is that you must go as hard as you can for each hard minute. Keep moving during the easy 30 seconds as well, maybe walking for instance. Do not just stand there!

So what do you actually do for those hard minutes? Any activity that gets you huffing and puffing will do. You could do the intervals on an exercise bike and pedal easily in between. You could do sprints outside or on a treadmill. You could use a skipping rope or do step ups on a box. You could run stairs or do an exercise such as burpees or star jumps. The possibilities are endless.  And you don’t need any special or expensive equipment.

I recommend doing this type of workout at least 3 times per week and up to 7 or more if you are fitter and in certain stages of your training program. You could also alter the length of each interval and rest period.  You can even do different activities within the same training session. Keep you body guessing to maximise fat loss and to challenge your body to adapt and get fitter.

Give it a try and within a few weeks you will be reaping the rewards. A strong and fit body can be yours if you put in the hard work.


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