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FitterFaster-the solution and why

As you all know, it’s  the 1st birthday of FitterFaster.  I have been amazed with the success of not only the business, but the clients-yes you- over that time.

I originally set out to provide THE solution to your health, fitness and weight loss problems.  I didn’t want FitterFaster to become just another thing that you tried, that either didn’t work at all, or worked for a while and then stopped working like all the other things you have tried in the past.  For those who accept that there is no magic involved in being fit and healthy, this is the solution, no secrets, just the way it is.

The combination of nutrition, fitness, ongoing challenges and the community of Bootcampers all working together will get you results.  It’s a no fail system that works together to provide maximum benefits to those who are willing to put in the effort and drop the excuses once and for all.

I guarantee it.

So what makes this different?

1.  The first and most obvious point of difference is the intensity of the training sessions.  You don’t come here to ‘work out’, you come here to TRAIN.  And train you will.  It’s hard, it’s intense, it will challenge every single part of your body, from every muscle, tendon and bone, to your heart, lungs and circulation.

You will improve your stamina, your strength, your agility and balance.  Your mobility in your every day life will improve out of sight.  You will feel younger every week-you will be in the best shape of your life!!!
Every drill, exercise and movement is designed to challenge your entire body.  Different combinations of drills bring a whole new dimension to whole body training as well. And every training session is different, no more doing 3 sets of 10 of the same exercise for 6 weeks.

2.  Nutrition!!  You will get honest and truthful nutrition advice that works in the real world.  Regular nutrition reviews of YOUR nutrition are part of every package.  I will review your food diary regularly at no extra cost.  No where else will spend time on this very, very important part of your health, fitness and weight loss program.

3.  Follow up and accountability.  You have to come to Bootcamp 3 times every week as a condition of every Bootcamp package.  Training any less than this will result in poor outcomes for you.  You have to keep a training diary and give it to me every week. If you don’t come to bootcamp, I will follow it up.  You will have to answer to me with your excuses.
If they’re genuine, that’s fine, but stop kidding yourself, because now you have to kid me too
4.  Home Training sessions.  Every week I send every client a home workout via email.  These sessions are for non-bootcamp days, or for those times when you can’t come eg your kids are sick or hubby is away. This doesn’t give you an excuse to miss Bootcamp, but rather an alternative when it’s impossible to come and also extra training that will complement what you do at Bootcamp

5. Extra incentives in the form of competitions and challenges.  Every so often I run challenges like “attend the most bootcamps for the month” or “most attended week” etc.  I also run regular ‘challenge’ days aptly named  ‘Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenges’ where you can come and put in your best effort over the course.  You can then work towards improving your time for the next challenge day and have real tangible evidence of your improving fitness and health.

6. A newsletter sent to your home every 4-6 weeks.  The newsletter will keep you up to date with FitterFaster, but also provides nutrition, health and fitness advice that you can implement into your life straight away.  These are real world tips that will make a real difference and are relevant for anyone who wants to look, feel and actually be fit and healthy.
7.  A community.  I have been reallly surprised and pleased with the ‘community’ that has developed here at FitterFaster.  From car pooling to the morning sessions, to doing home workouts together.  This is a big deal.  Being part of something like this really helps you to stick with it.  Everyone at every session will encourage you to keep going and maybe even keep a track of how often they see you there.  It has a real ‘team’ feel that makes you want to keep coming back.

8.  One on one contact at every training session.  I am there for you at Bootcamp. I am also available any time via email or phone.  Got a question?  Ask me any time.  Even better, post it on the forum so that everyone can benefit from the answer.  You can rest assured that if you are thinking it, someone else is too. Regular assessments and nutrition analysis are part of every program and include plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback.

9.  Ability to keep modify training to work around injuries and different fitness levels.  Every bootcamp session can be modified to suit your needs.  Got an injury?  No worries, talk to me about it and we can see how we can maintain or even keep on improving your fitness and work around it.  Almost all injuries can be accommodated at Bootcamp.  ‘Rehab corner’ has become a regular as bootcampers with injuries or other issues continue to train hard anyway in the group environment.

10. Relief from ongoing aches and pains.  So many of you have told me how your back problems, or your ‘dicky’ knee has improved since you started Bootcamp.  It’s important to be careful around these conditions for sure, and to gradually strengthen weakened areas of the body.  But you will find that once your body begins to work as one unit and you improve your mobility and strength, these conditions will improve or go away all together. As long as I know about your condition, we can work on and around it and get you some relief over time.

FitterFaster is the one stop fitness, health and weight loss solution.  Everything you need to get into the best shape ever is here.  So if you are committed, if you are serious, if you really want results and are willing to put in the work to get them, this is for you.
If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.


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