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Updates to Bootcamp

newsHi Bootcampers

Firstly I must say well done to all of you who are braving the warmer evenings and attending Bootcamp at those times.  There was talk the other of evening of where all the ‘sane’ people were, “at the pub” was the obvious answer??  I’ve got lots to say in this email, so please bare with me.  Rather than send out lots of separate emails, I’ve put it all together here.

Birthday Celebrations

We are well into November, and the Bootcamp package sale will end Sunday 15th.  So if you need to renew your package (see below) now would be a great time to do so.  If you know anyone who is thinking about joining up, you could remind them about the discount at the moment as well.  A Bootcamp package could also be a great christmas present for either yourself, or someone else that would enjoy and benefit from it.

The week from 23rd to 29th November is free training week for all clients as well, so make sure you make the most of that.  I’ve got a few small give aways for lucky attending Bootcampers too, but you have to be here to get them.

Greatest Loser Challenge and Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge

As most of you will already know, the 2 challenges will be held together this Sunday at 8.30am.    Please note that this is the event starting time, so you must get here earlier to receive instructions, warm up etc.  Please try to arrive by 8.15am.  Greatest Losers should go to the forum and let their team captains know if they will be in attendance. It’s supposed to be very hot, so if we can start right on time, we should be finished quickly and avoid the real heat of the day.  All are welcome to have a swim afterwards if you have time and would like to cool off.

While I’ve got the Greatest Losers’ attention, please also book your weigh in NOW if you have not already done so.  You must have done your weigh in before this Sunday so that I can calculate the winners.  Also remember that I will be taking ‘after’ photos, so if possible, wear the clothing that you wore when we did your ‘befores.’  (also, please remind me if I forget to take them-I have a tendency to let you go without doing so)

I have not heard back from anyone about a Greatest Loser Celebration.  At the first one, we went out for a ‘presentation’ dinner, but if you would prefer something less formal, like a BBQ etc please say so.  We could get together either this Sunday or the following Sunday for lunch if that would suit.  I would really like to announce the winner when we are all together. If I don’t get a response, perhaps I should announce the winners at the Challenge??  Please let me know what you would prefer.

Bootcamp Changes

The first change involves EBT weekend, which for those of you that have nothing to do with it, is next weekend, from  the 19th to 22nd.  the Saturday  Bootcamp will be held here at 8.30am with Greg taking over the helm for the morning.

The second change involves Monday mornings at 9.30am.  For quite some months, I have considered stopping the Monday Bootcamp for lots of reasons.  Most of the attendees have said that they could come to other times slots, and will do so now that it’s getting really hot at that time of day, so it is with regret that I will be ceasing this Bootcamp time slot from end of November.

T Shirts/Singlets

I still have lots of t-shirts left at $25.  Check for your size if you want one.  Lots of you have been wearing your singlets and for those of you still waiting for yours, they should be here any day now.  If you would like a singlet, but haven’t ordered one, you can do so, but I will need to order a few at a time, so there could be a slight delay in receiving them.  They are priced at $28 each.  Also, if you’ve got yours and haven’t paid for it, could you please put the money in a labelled envelope in the pink folder at Bootcamp.  Thank you.

Assessments and diaries

There are lots of assessments due over the next couple of weeks (and the past few)  Later next week and next weekend will pretty much be out for me for assessments, but please book yours in now for early next week, or the following.  You can go to and check the calendar for available time slots.  Then just email me with your preference and I will book you in.  Some of you are way overdue, so just bite the bullet and book it in now. The following people are due: Raelene, Tim, Monique, Caroline, Brian, Tania, Deb, Tracey W, Julee, Denise, Leigh and Jacinta.  If you are not on the list, but think you are due as well, please book in anyway.

Don’t forget that when you have your assessment, to bring in a 3 day food diary with you so that we can discuss your nutrition and look for ways to improve your results and your health.  This is something you won’t get from other training programs and good nutrition will make a huge difference to your weight, energy and overall health.  It is at least half of the answer to the question of how to get fantastic results.

And while I’m on the subject of diaries, please make sure you are handing in, posting on the forumor emailing me your weekly training diaries.  With my new attendance list, we can see at a glance who has not done so, and therefore make it really easy to see who has to do the 20 extra burpees after Bootcamp!

There are also a number of Bootcampers who are not attending the required 3 Bootcamps per week.  With 7 time slots over the week, you should be able to get here.  It is a condition of all Bootcamp packages and you will need to do so to stay within the expiry period of your sessions.

As I always have said, you need to be training very regularly to get great results.  5 times per week should be the minimum with a couple of them being able to be shorter 20-30 minutes if you really can’t fit longer sessions in.  Getting into great shape is not easy and there are no short cuts.  You need to make the effort regardless of work hours, kids etc.  You can use these excuses all you like, but it won’t change the fact that if you want to see changes, you have to make changes.

Excuses or Results-It’s up to you.  I know how hard it can be to fit fitness into a busy life, but once you organise yourself and schedule it in like any other appointment, you will start to see major changes.  If you are unable to do so on a consistent basis, maybe FitterFaster Bootcamp is not for you.  I have always been very clear on this,  I want this to be the Fitness/Health program that works for everyone, and it will be if you put in the effort required.  Shift work, kids, busy husband/wife, school, study, work hours and extra shifts are all just excuses.  There are many Bootcampers including myself that work around these things and are getting the results to prove it.  As they say ‘shape up or ship out!’

Upcoming Triathlons

On a final note, I have attached the local triathlon club’s summer event calendar.  Many of you have mentioned that you would like to have a go at a triathlon and indeed, some of you did a few months back.  These triathlons are aimed at beginners and first timers in a very relaxed atmosphere, so please let me know if you’d like to have a go either individually or as part of a team and we can work through what is required and how to go about it.  But be careful, it’s very addictive!!

I think that’s about enough prattling on for now, I’ll see you all at Bootcamp, so any questions, please ask away.  And don’t forget to head over to the forum every now and again to post questions or comments and keep the community alive.



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