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FitterFaster Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge results

This morning saw the inaugural running of the FitterFaster Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge.

12 Bootcampers took part, all completing Level One in fantastic times.

The results were as follows:

Fit Guys

Brendan Evans              17.06

Darren Ross                    17.40

Brad Pike                          18.34

Leigh Argall                     19.23

Fit Girls

Raelene Edwards            18.53

Gayle Deason                    19.13

Cheryl Taylor                   19.52

Sally Field                          20.25

Lauren Mitchell               20.41

Sarah Hurse                       20.53

Denise Rowles                   23.46

Fit Juniors

Caitlin Butler                      18.35

Well done to all who competed.  The course for level one was as follows:

  • 800m run
  • 20 tyre jumps
  • 30 overhead press
  • 1 tyre drag
  • 20 burpees
  • 20 overhead press
  • 800m run
  • 30 up/downers
  • 10 bear walks plus runs

The Fit Girls used 8kg kettlebells and the Fit Guys used 12kg kettlebells.

Everyone involved put in a fantastic effort and you can see by the times that it was very close.  Again, well done to all and I hope to see  you again next time when you can attempt to shave some time off.



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