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Adventure Camp a Success


the group during one of the hikes

As they said they would all come again, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  It had turned out okay!  Adventure Camp was  a success.  In fact there was talk of bringing home the sad news that it had flopped, just so no one else would want to come and therefore their spots would be assured.

On a serious note, we had the best time.  We came home exhausted, but excited and proud of all that we achieved.  I was so impressed by the fact that no one gave up at any time.  We bootcamped, hiked, ran, climbed,  swung, yoga’d, rowed and bootcamped some more.

The Roses Gap Recreation Centre was a fantastic venue.  The cabins were great, the food was great and the hosts Drew, Linda and Bob were lovely.  After speaking on the phone numerous times, I think they were quite surprised to find we were not some ‘way out’ group just because we don’t have cereal for breakfast.  And speaking of food, between what the camp provided and what I took with us, there was plenty of fantastic and healthy food to eat.  It almost seemed as if we were constantly eating, but I guess we needed it with the amount of activity we crammed into the 2 days.

gayle was one of the few who enjoyed this

gayle was one of the few who enjoyed this

a leisurely bushwalk

a leisurely bushwalk

From the Giant Swing to the Vertical Playground (sound lovely don’t they) to the hiking, running and burpeeing, hardly a complaint was heard.  Well possibly a few complaints around the Giant Swing!  Everybody was back up in time to Bootcamp at 6.30am on Sunday without a single utterance of ‘do we have too?’

this was a lot harder than it looked

this was a lot harder than it looked

Leisurely hikes turned into runs as we hurdled obstacles and climbed over rocks.  There were a few bruises on the return journey and still no regrets.

We even had a slice of birthday cake to celebrate Wendy’s birthday on Saturday night.


early morning bootcamp on the slope

Yoga was the order of the day after many training sessions on Saturday.  I think everyone enjoyed the session more than they thought they would, with it really helping the next day with very little soreness or stiffness showing up. We did get quite a few funny looks from the ‘family reunion’ people as they strolled by with their cans in hand as we balanced and stretched the soreness away.

A spot of canoeing before the final Kettlebell Bootcamp provided a few more laughs and half an hour of relaxation.  And onto that final bootcamp.  About 30 minutes of pushing and pulling those kettlebells before one last cardio ciruit of burpees and a double kettlebell overhead press.  This just about finished us off, but it was surprising how much more energetic everyone felt after the workout than before.

are we there yet-tara and naomi

are we there yet-tara and naomi

For more photos, check the forum.  I’ll get everything up there in the next day or so


PS I would really like to thank Tania, Brian, Raelene, Tara, Gretta, Naomi, Gayle, Wendy and Tim for coming with me to Adventure Camp.  I was so worried that it wouldn’t turn out, but thanks to you all, it was a fantastic weekend.  Thank you also to Brian for driving the bus- Maffescioni’s want to know where 4th gear is so they can go get it.


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