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It’s been a Year Already

Adventure Camp

This weekend, myself and 9 dedicated Bootcampers are off to _________ for Adventure Camp.

I’ve got 2 days of training and challenges planned which will take all of us-me included-out of our comfort zones and on to the next level.  About 11 hours of physical activity to blast our bodies from every angle and challenge us to keep pushing through.

We will be doing everything from Kettlebells to Yoga, Running to Racing and more inbetween.  I can’t let you in on any more details, some of the activities are a secret, but I’ll be taking photos and will share them with you when we return.

FitterFaster Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge

Next weekend on Sunday 18th October we will be holding the inaugural FitterFaster Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge.  Please go to the forum for more details and to let me know if you will be coming along.  There will be a $5 entry fee per person which will all be pooled and given as first prize to the winners in each category.  If you intend entering, please pay your $5 before Thursday 15th by putting it in a labelled envelope and bringing it to Bootcamp.  It will really help with organisation if I know ahead of time how many entries there will be on the day.  Remember entry is only open to FitterFaster Bootcampers, but anyone is welcome to come and support them.

FitterFaster First Birthday Celebrations

This month also brings to an end, the first year of FitterFaster.  I can’t believe firstly how quickly it went, but more so, how successful it has been.  Many, many people have turned their lives around.  They have started eating healthy foods, stopped smoking, started training hard, stopped drinking, gotten fitter, faster and stronger.  Ongoing aches and pains have disappeared, medications have been stopped and families have also started to eat better and everyone’s health has improved.

The one thing I want to achieve, is to show everyone that you can all achieve whatever you want when it comes to improving your health, weight, fitness and performance.  You CAN be strong and lean and you can run, jump and challenge yourself physically.  But as I always say, there is no magic and that is why I am coming down hard on the little things that all make a difference.  Regular, intense training, eating non processed foods regularly, cutting out the junk, recording your training and food intake.  It all makes the difference and takes you from ordinary to extra ordinary.   I can take you to the next level if you are willing to put in the effort.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been overweight for years, got 10 kids or have never ‘done’ running.  We can change that, and we will.

So next month we will celebrate.  I’ve got some things planned already and others I will make up as I go along (seems like that is the best way to get things done around here)

  • From the 23rd to 30th November, everyone will train free.  That’s no charge to anyone, come to as many Bootcamps as you like for free
  • I will be holding a ‘sale’ of all packages and will even have some new ones as well
  • I am going to have a birthday party for all Bootcampers and their families – just a few hours for a swim, some lunch etc. A bit of an appreciation day.  I am thinking Melbourne Cup Day possibly – please let me know if this doesn’t suit with your work or if you already have something else planned etc.  I know the schools have the Tuesday off.
  • Give aways during the month, mini competitions with Bootcamp package prizes etc.  It’s going to be heaps of fun
  • The Greatest Loser Presentation night will also be on and all Bootcampers will be encouraged to come along for the night to support them and to share in their success.
  • The final Greatest Loser Challenge will be held on 15th November alongside the Fit Girl/Fit Guy Challenge, so that will be lots of fun too.

So let’s get into it for another month, suck it up, accept the pain and put in 110% effort to push through to the next level.  It’s nearly summer you know.  Short, singlets, bathers…….bring it on!!



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