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Referral Rewards Program

httpwww.creditcarddepositSince May of this year, I have been running my Referral Rewards Program which rewards anyone who refers a friend, family member, workmate, etc if that person then joins us at FitterFaster.

The ‘reward’ has been a voucher to put towards your next FitterFaster Investment.  Some of you have earn’t a few of these vouchers and have been able to put them together to make great savings when you have invested in further Bootcamp packages.

Keeping  record of who is referring who has been a bit of a headache for me.  I need your help to make sure that I do not miss any referrals.

So firstly, if you have referred someone in the past couple of months and I have not given you your voucher, please let me know asap.

Secondly, make sure that your friend puts your name on their questionaire form when they invest in their FitterFaster package.  Most have just written ‘friend’ in the past, which does not let me know who has referred them.  Sometimes I know anyway, but this will make sure.

Thirdly, I will be giving out gift vouchers for you to give to your friends, family, workmates, team mates, club members etc. You will need to write your name on them so that when they use the voucher, I will know who gave it to them.  The vouchers will be for 3 free Bootcamps.  Your friend will just need to hand the voucher to me at their first free session and I will keep a record of the rest.

I will also be upping the reward value because I can’t thank you enough for your recommendations and kind words.  The new rewards will be as follows:

  • Refer a friend etc who attends their 3 free sessions and receive a voucher for $20 to put towards your next FitterFaster Investment

  • If that friend then invests in their own package, receive another voucher for $30.  So a total of $50 for you if they sign up

  • If you refer 5 people in any one calendar month, who all sign up for FitterFaster Bootcamp for at least 10 sessions each (Jumpstart Package) I will refund your last Bootcamp package purchase in full as well as giving you your vouchers as above.
  • I really need your help to help me keep a record of all this, so please make sure that you print your name and your friend’s name on the voucher and also ask them to put your name on their questionaire form.

    The vouchers will be in the Pink Folder at Bootcamp.  Please help yourself, but remember only one voucher per person.

    Thanks again and I’ll see you at Bootcamp



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