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Dealing With Hunger

Protein keeps you full

Protein keeps you full

I recommend that you eat every 2-3 hours.  Do not extend beyond that unless you are asleep.  Doing this should stop you from being hungry, but only if you are eating  the correct combination of foods.

So how do you deal with hunger then if it still occurs?  Here are my tips for dealing.

  1. Eat more lean protein.  There are just as many scientists that argue that carbohydrates or fats are more filling.  But the studies are clear, protein beats them both.  Protein helps beat hunger for longer.  Protein also helps spare muscle loss and helps with blood sugar stability, both issues when cosuming reduced calories.
  2. Eat more fruit.  When your liver glycogen is depleted, a signal is sent to your brain that stimulates hunger.  Replenishing the liver stores with fruit will help you to avoid this.  Not to mention the other great benefits of fruit like an abundance of minerals and vitamins and fibre.  Fruit works to help keep hunger at bay.
  3. Eat more fibre.  Fibre helps in at least 2 different ways.  First the stretching of the stomach when you eat signals that sufficeinet food has been consumed.  Fibre fills your tummy without calories.  Fibre also slows gastric emptying.
  4. Eat more healthy fats.  It is proven that low fat diets leave you feeling hungry and dissatisfied.  Moderate fat intake keeps you full longer and also helps food taste good which will make it a lot easier to stick with it. Don’t be fat phobic.  Eat at least 25-30% of your daily calories in the form of fat.
  5. Exercise more.  Now I know that exercise can make you feel hungry at the time, but it also helps you to stick to healthier foods.  As long as you don’t fall for the “well I burned X number of calories so now I deserve that cake” knowing that you have trained for the day gives you a feeling of accomplishment that helps you stay focused on your goals.
  6. Suck it up or stay fat.  There comes a time when you just have to decide which is more important to you-Do you want to eat this food or do you want to be lean, fit and healthy?  If you have all the other strategies covered, you are eating 5-6 meals and snacks every day, all containing protein and carbs in the form of fruits, vegetables or salad and are eating healthy fats every day as well, you just have to get over it.  Suck it up, get over it and do something else.  Do you really want this or not??



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