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Greatest Loser underway


The second Greatest Loser Challenge started on Monday this week.  All entrants have attended at least one training sessions so far with the most frequent comment being “I couldn’t sit on the toilet!” followed by “I didn’t realise how unfit I was, but I love it”

All are off to a great start.  Those who attended their second training session this morning had already improved on Monday’s effort.  I think this is mainly due to not being so nervous!!

Tim Smith has generously donated some Gift Vouchers as prizes for the winners, so thank you very much Tim. I’ll add these to the prize pool.

We also has what I think must be a record attendance at the 6am training session this morning.  34 Bootcampers all running, jumping, lungeing and sweating their way to better health and fitness.  I know it’s hard to get out of bed, but it’s worth the effort and ensures that you are full of energy and rearing to go for the rest of the day.

We will be on for a record week again at this rate, after setting a new record last week with 122 Bootcamp attendances in 7 days.  Well done to everyone who is keeping up their minimum 3 attendances each week.

Speaking of minimum requirements, Tania has made up a great spreadsheet  on which we can keep a record of training and food diaries and bootcamp attendances (you can all thank her personally at Bootcamp) So look out if you don’t comply, there will be penalties to pay at Bootcamp!!  You need to hand in your training diary every week (please date it) and your food diary when requested.  A minimum of 3 Bootcamps must be attended each week as well.  This is all in the name of getting spectacular results-so don’t get slack or else.

Also, we must congratulate Brian on being September Bootcamper of the month and Brendan for winning the Intimo Gift Voucher for attending the most Bootcamps in August.  Actually it was  a three way tie between Brian, Gretta and Brendan, but a count up of the September attendances so far, put Brendan ahead by 1.  They all sat on 16 Bootcamps for the month of August-what an effort.

So on that note, I’ll sign off and look forward to seeing you all at Bootcamp.




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