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Great Losses Recorded-again

I have completed lots of assessments this week with results ranging from good to great or even better.  I think the key take from all these assessments is that if you are putting in the effort at training, choosing good nutritious foods and being consistant, you will get the results.  Achieving a good outcome is a choice that YOU make.  YOU make the decision whether to get out of bed in the morning or to head back out to Bootcamp in the evening.  YOU make the choice about what to put in your mouth and when. YOU make the choice to do that Home Workout or not.

Out of the 168 hours in the week, I only see you for 3-5 of them.  I can push you in training and show you the drills and exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of fat loss, better mobility, more endurance and greater strength, but the other 163-165 hours are up to you.  Everything you need to know can be found on my website and blog.  Don’t keep looking for the one magic thing.

Our current Bootcamper of the month, Wendy Evans had her assessment this morning.  Wendy participated in the Clean and Dry 40 Plan last month and stuck to it 100%.  That dedication to great nutrition and her regular attendance at Bootcamp, has resulted in fantastic losses at her assessment this morning.

Wendy lost 10kgs and 25.5cms in just 8 weeks

Fantastic results like this can be achieved if you make the choice to do what it takes.  Are you going to make the decision to get the results you want?  Or are you going to blame your circumstances and let excuses rule?

Greatest Loser Challenge and Adventure Camp

Due to the opening of the Greatest Loser Challenge to entries, I am extending the booking date for Adventure Camp.  Please let me know now if you would like to come to Adventure Camp but you can pay your deposit by the end of September.  That way I can confirm the booking with the Camp staff and also the busline, but you get an extra month to pay the $150 deposit.  I appreciate your understanding re making a deposit in order to confirm ahead of time.

I already have entry applications to the Greatest Loser Challenge despite only sending out an email yesterday afternoon.  Don’t miss out if you are interested.  Click on the tab at the top of this page to get more info and make YOUR application.  Results are guaranteed!!

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