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Compulsory Record Keeping for all Bootcampers

Daily Training Diaries are a compulsory part of your FitterFaster Program.  Yesterday I emailed a Daily Training Record sheet to you all.  You must fill it in each day and hand it to me at your first Bootcamp of each week.

Alternatively, you can complete your daily training diary online at the FitterFaster Forum.  Go to the Daily Training and Food Diaries section and click on the ‘start new discussion’ tab.  From there, enter your name as the discussion name and record all your training there daily.  Do not start a new discussion each day.  Just add each day’s training as a new comment.  I will check these weekly and add my own comments as necessary.

So you have two choices, record online or complete the Daily Training Record and hand it in.  It’s up to you, but you must do one or the other. What I am looking for is consistancy with your training.  At least 3 Bootcamps per week and FitterFaster Home Workouts in between.  By all means record walking etc, but it doesn’t count as an intense workout by FitterFaster standards.

If you are unable to print the Daily Training Record, I will have copies available at Bootcamp and also folders that you can keep your Records in.  Just ask me and I will provide you with both.

As I have said many times in the past, keeping a record of your training and food intake is one of the easiest ways to keep on track.  Little things like this really work.  I am not just getting you to do this for the sake of it.  I want you to do everything possible to make getting great results easier.


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