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Changes Ahead For FitterFaster

Hi Everyone

First of all, let me start by congratulating all of you who are putting in such a great effort at Bootcamp and at home to achieve your health, fitness and/or weight loss goals.  As I have always said, results will come to those who put in the effort and take the required steps to get there.

This has been obvious every time I do an assessment.  I think both myself and the client know whether they are going to show improvements before the assessment even happens.  If you are honest with yourself, you will know if you have put in the required effort or not.

This brings me to the changes.  I first started doing this because I wanted to help people get results.  I wanted to show everyone that anyone can do this.  That, as long as you know what to do, it is possible to achieve great health, to be fit and energetic and to have a lean, fit and toned body.

But there is no magic.  It takes hard work and it takes long term committment.  In fact, the committment is longer than long term.  It’s forever, because as soon as you stop doing what it takes, you will go backwards and end up right back where you started.

I want to change lives.  I want to help people.  I want to show you how to get results and then help you get them. This is why I started and this is what I want to keep doing.  So I am making some changes.  I only want to work with those that will commit to the full program.  Those that are willing to do what it takes.  And I want to be able to fully commit to those people as well. The ones that don’t expect miracles, but get them all the same because they do what it takes to produce them.

My motto is No Excuses-Just Results and I stand by that.   I honestly don’t want to offend anyone, but unless you can show true committment to what it takes, I’m not sure if FitterFaster will be for you.

Over the next few weeks, there are going to be a few changes.  For those of you already fully committed, none of these changes will make any difference to you.  You are already living the FitterFaster lifestyle and you wont even notice that anything is any different.

The first changes will be:

  1. Extra Bootcamp times- (this is to help with number 2)I am changing Thursdays to 5.45pm (from 6th August) to help those who work till 5pm or 5.30pm and am also adding in a Wednesday evening session at 6.30pm (Wednesdays will start soon, watch for details)
  2. Strict adherance to expiry dates of sessions.  I am shortening the expiry period on all packages (purchased from today) If you can’t commit to 3 times per week, you will not get the results that you are hoping for-but we all know hope isn’t enough,don’t we?  So for instance, a 24 session package will expire after 9 weeks.  (If you are ill or on holiday, you must contact me to extend the expiry date)
  3. Only new clients can invest in packages as small as 12 sessions.  That way they get to trial Bootcamp for 4 weeks, but after that, clients must commit to a longer time frame.  I will continue to offer discounts for larger packages
  4. All clients must complete training diaries every week and food diaries on days/weeks randomly chosen by me.  I will set up a place for this online or you can use a hand written diary if you prefer.  Hand written diaries must be handed in every week for me to peruse.   This will hold you accountable to yourself and to me.  I will be putting in the time for you, so you must put in the time and effort for you too. Keeping a diary (as many of you know) is a small thing to do that helps you get great results much more quickly and consistently
  5. I will be stopping the ‘come as many times as you want’ type packages (eg. monthly, weekly payments) for all of the above reasons.    This type of program does not help with attendance, and although I still get my money whether you come or not, that is not what this is about.  It’s about results!!  All clients who are currently on these packages are welcome to stick with these programs.  You and I know that you are some of the truly committed ones.
  6. I will still have my come and try Bootcamp free trials (2 free sessions or 4 if you have a voucher) as I believe you need to try it out for yourself before you can commit.
  7. Home Workouts will still be sent out to all Bootcampers to supplement the Bootcamp workouts and nutrition advice, ideas and solutions will be updated on the website, forum and blog regularly
  8. Anyone who is unsure how they are going to fit 3 Bootcamps into their lifestyle (eg shift workers, mums, dads, etc) can meet with me to discuss their options and we can find solutions together.
  9. All Packages will be money back guaranteed as they are now.  Come to Bootcamp, improve your nutrition, do your home workouts and you will lose cm’s and fat and improve your fitness.             RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED

So there you have it.  The start of a minor (or is it major) overhall.  I understand and am willing to risk that this may cut down the number of clients that I will have at Bootcamp, but I also believe that it will enable me to better service those that are willing to go all the way with me and my training and nutrition programs.

Please also note that all existing packages stay as they are.  Only packages purchased from today will have the new restrictions applied.

More details about the expiry dates etc can be found at

Please leave comments by clicking on the “leave a comment” button at the top of this post.  I am open to suggestions with this (but not excuses)



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  1. fitterfaster

    To start the comments rolling,I am attaching a copy of an email I sent out this morning explaining these changes to my current and prospective clients

    Hi everyone

    By now, you may or may not have read my blog post from yesterday about some changes happening at Bootcamp. I just wanted to clarify the reasons why I am making these changes.

    And yes, I am a bit scared that I will offend some of you. But you came to me because you had tried everything else. Because you wanted to see changes and get get great results. But I can’t do that for you if I don’t be honest about what it takes.

    I want to get great results for you all, and I can, but not if you don’t come regularly and train hard. I don’t have a magic wand.

    I want you to know how if feels to have a fit, healthy, energetic body that can do almost anything you ask of it any time, but I can’t if you don’t commit to the program and do what I ask.

    I want to show you how to have a fit and lean body you’ve always wanted. I want you to be able to wear sleeveless tops, shorts, swim wear etc, but I can’t if you don’t eat the right foods at the right times.

    I want to show you that you can play the sport you love and be still strong and firing at the end of the game. That you can keep up with everyone else regardless of your age. That you can do things that you thought were only for others (like triathlons, running, adventures, playing sport with your kids) But I can’t do it without you putting in the required effort.

    You can ALL have these things, but as I have said right from the beginning, there is no magic, there is no secret drink, food, supplement or gadget.

    I want people to say, FitterFaster is where you go if you want results. I want to be able to help everyone reach their goals. It’s not about the income (as I’m sure I may lose a few clients by saying this)


    So who’s serious enough to hang in there? Who really, really wants the results? Who is strong enough to say “enough is enough, I can do this”? Who wants to recommit and finally once and for all get the results.

    If you have to think about it too long, maybe it’s not for you. Most of you have made the commitment already. You come to Bootcamp often, you follow the nutritional plans most of the time, you do home workouts when you are away or the kids are sick. You are the ones that are still getting results. Those of you that have been disappointed with your results know why-don’t you.


    So let’s get serious from now on and I WILL GET RESULTS FOR YOU


    July 29, 2009 at 5:30 am

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