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New Bootcamp Time

firstchallenge044After much discussion, debate and many comments, I am changing Thursday Bootcamps to 5.45pm.  This session will still be 60 minutes long.  I will be sending out a new Bootcamp schedule to all current clients, so make sure you print it off and keep it handy.

I will also be adding a new session to Wednesdays in a few weeks.  This will be a 30 minutes Bootcamp and it willmost likely be held at 6pm.  That will bring the total number of Bootcamps to 8, so you should be able to fit in at least 3 per week.

Remember great results don’t come just by talking about going to Bootcamp.  You actually have to turn up and train hard.  You also need to eat the correct foods in the correct amounts.  You absolutely, positively cannot out train a bad diet.  All the excuses in the world will not get you a fit, healthy, lean and slim body.  Only hard work and committment to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle will do that.

Don’t forget to bring a friend along to try bootcamp for your chance to win 20 bootcamps for free.  And also remember that everyone can train for free from August 2nd to August 9th.  This is National Healthy Bones Week and we all know that high intensity, weight bearing exercise (like Bootcamp) is the best thing to build healthy strong bones.  Even more important than comsuming mega amounts of calcium foods.



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