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New Bootcamp Time Slot

Last week I did several assessments.  All of the Bootcampers achieved fantastic results ranging from 2-5kg of fat loss over the preceeding 4-6 weeks.  Yes that was FAT loss, not scale weight!  Loads of cm losses were also recorded with everyone being extremely pleased with themselves.  All made comments such as “My uniforms have been getting looser” or “I can start to see my tummy muscles”  It is so rewarding not just for you, but for me too when you see the results of all your hard work.  Keep it up all of you.

I am considering adding another Bootcamp timeslot to the current schedule.  The problem is, I want to make sure that I put it in a time that suits as many of you as possible, especially those of you that cannot make the times I have already. Please head to the forum on this link to have your say about a new time.  Even if you don’t come yet, please let me know what time you would prefer if it would mean you could then start attending.

Also, don’t forget that everyone trains for free from August 2nd to August 9th.  This is National Healthy Bones Week and the best way to strengthen your bones is to participate regularly in weight bearing exercise like running, resistance training, jumping, skipping and other plyometric activities.  These are just some of the things we do at Bootcamp and stronger bones are just one of the benefits of attending.

The Bring A Friend Competition is under way as well.  Just bring a friend, family member or work colleague along to Bootcamp for a workout and receive an entry into the draw to win 20 Bootcamp sessions.  Also train for free on the day that you bring them along.  Your friend is under no obligation to sign up, just bring them along to give it a go.  Details can be found here.

That’s about it for now, keep training hard and improving your fitness.  A healthy, fit, lean and toned body will be yours if you put in the effort.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  Keep an eye out in your letter box for the next print newsletter which features common myths about how to get 6 pack abs.  This will go out to all Bootcampers in August.



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