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The One Thing You Must Change To Get Results

I get heaps of questions along the lines of “should I reduce my carbs?” or “should I eat more protein?’ or “can I eat fruit?”

It’s like this one change is going to make all the difference to your results.  Without knowing exactly what you are eating AND DOING training wise it is almost impossible to answer.  And even if I say yes or no, that one thing is not the magic secret to getting the body you want and to attaining great health.

As you know, I really do want you to build the best, healthiest body that you can.  Only about 1% of people have a physique they are proud of.  I am guessing you want in on that, and that’s why you are still reading this and coming to Bootcamp.

You are probably following some health tips like eating more often, eating more protein and cutting down on junk food.  But are you doing everything you can, and are you doing it consistently day in, day out.

Are you happy with the results you are getting?  If so, keep on doing what you are doing.  If not, you must make changes. Keep on doing what you are doing if you want to get the same results that you are getting now.  Otherwise, accept that you must make changes.

What if you have been really ‘good’ for a week and nothing has happened.  What will you do next week?  You have to do it even better.  You have to stick with it.

A good plan will work if it is followed consistently and properly.  It’s no use blaming the plan if you don’t follow it properly.  A little bit of this or a little bit of that will make the difference between getting results and not seeing any changes.

Out of the 35 meals and snacks you should be eating every week, shoot for 90%-95% compliance.  That means that 33 of those meals and snacks should be exactly as per the plan.  That means 2 times per week you can deviate if you really have to.  But don’t blow it.  An extra serve or a very small portion of junk food is all it takes to make a difference to the plan.  And that difference will make the difference to your results.

Don’t kid yourself with excuses.  If you find it hard to get up for training, organise a friend to meet you or pick you up. If you find that you cannot resist those snacks, get rid of them.  You can’t eat them if they are not there!

There is no shame in admitting that this is too much for you to do.  Having a great body and keeping it healthy and running smoothly is not easy in this day of fast food, huge servings, lazy habits and being surrounded by rubbish.  You must not however blame the plan.   Take responsibility for your own actions and your own results.

The reality is if you follow the plan you will get results

The reality is also if you make up excuses all the time, you will not get the results you desire



See you at Bootcamp

Train Hard and Eat Well and check out this cute, funny video which has nothing what so ever to do with any of this.


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