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Bring A Friend Competition

stethoscopeFor your chance to win a package of 20 Bootcamp training sessions, head over to The FitterFaster Forum to find out details of my Bring a Friend Competition.

It is so much harder to come along to training now that it is wet, cold, frosty and dark.  Having a  friend to meet or pick up can get you out the door when your warm bed beckons.  Encourage your friends, workmates, family members and neighbours to join you at Bootcamp sometime over the next 6 weeks for your chance to get 20 Bootcamps for free.

Full details can be found at the FitterFaster Forum


Did you know that short bursts of high intensity training can improve the function and structure of your blood vessels, in particular the arteries that deliver blood to your muscles and heart?

As we age, our arteries become harder and stiffer and lose their elastic abilities.  These effects can contribute to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.  Even worse is the effect this has on our hearts.

Studies show that as little as 6 weeks of intense, interval type training improves the structure and function of your arteries.  So not only does this type of training help you to lose your body fat fast, but it also reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is exactly the type of training that we do at Bootcamp!  Intense bursts followed by short rests-regular changes to the drill or exercise to allow you to keep the intensity high-pushing you to get out of your comfort zone.

This might be just the type of news to get your friend to come along.  Who doesn’t want to improve their health?



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