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Triathlon 12th July

triathlonrunThe sense of achievment you feel when you have completed your first triathlon whether on you own or in  a team, is undescribable.  We have many Bootcampers who are going to give the Maryborough Triathlon Club triathlon on July 12th a go.  Let’s start a bit of a list of names.  I think when others see you are going to have a go, it will inspire them to put their hands up as well.

I have started the list off with the names I have already, so make sure you head over to the forum and add your own.  Come on you can do this.  If you are not sure, put yourself in as being available as part of a team.

The distances are very doable.  There are 2 courses, the shorter one is a 1km run, 4km ride and 200m swim.  The longer course is a 2km run, 8km ride and 300m swim.

Here is the link to the forum. Go over there right now before you change you mind and take part.  If you have any questions, ask at the forum too.  Or you can email me any time.



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