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Free Bootcamp Sessions


I have added a new form to the ‘Bootcamp’ page on my website especially for anyone coming to trial Bootcamp.  Anyone is welcome to come and try Bootcamp out for a session or two before deciding if it is for them or not.  After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it, would you?  So if you would like to come and try it, head over to and complete the form, then come along.  All session times and venues are on the website as well.

If you are an existing Bootcamper and are handing out the free session gift certificates or you are inviting a friend or family member to come and try Bootcamp with you, please refer them to the website to complete the form before they come along.

They will then be asked for name and contact details as well as emergency contact numbers which is the main reason why I will be asking everyone to do this from now on.  There is no obligation to continue Bootcamp by registering with this new form.  It will just give me contact details should we require them due to unforseen circumstances.

Remember that the form can be found on the ‘Bootcamp’ page of my website.

Speaking of the website, have you visited it lately.  If you are stuck for workout ideas when you can’t come to Bootcamp, you will find a variety of either circuit or cardio based training sessions to give you some ideas.  They vary from beginner level to advanced level and all require no or very little equipment.

There is also lots of information regarding healthy eating and also recipes to add variety to your daily diet.

It is a lot easier to stick to healthy eating if you include a variety of foods and cooking methods instead of having the same old thing all the time.

Remember that a chicken breast doesn’t just have to be grilled.  You can poach it, roast it or add herbs and/or spices.  You can stir fry it or even bake it with onions, tomatoes and herbs to keep in the moisture.  You can have it cold or hot, sliced in soup or salad.  Marinate it in lemon and garlic then brown it quickly and put in the oven to finish off.

The choices are endless and this applies to any cut of meat such as beef, lamb or fish.   Don’t eat the same thing cooked the same way every day-variety will keep you interested and help you stick with it.



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