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What’s Your Challenge?

Raelene has added a great discussion to the Forum about challenges and keeping on track.

Go here to check it out, but don’t just read it.  Do something about it and set your own challenges.

I will be setting up some great challenges soon for you all.  (As soon as the pool etc is finished I will get to work)  I am seriously in the planning stage now, but want to provide some extra motivation and of course fun for you all by having some regular ‘challenge’ events for you to compete in.

You will be able to compete against each other or just against your last own best time.  The challenges will be held possibly on Sunday mornings (yuck there goes the sleep in) but will not be too often and of course will not be compulsary anyway, although I highly recommend you give them a go.

Non-bootcampers may also be able to attend if you have friends, work mates or family that need some motivation to get started.  Sometimes a fun event can get you started and give you something to work towards.

So don’t forget to check out Raelene’s post and set yourself some performance based goals asap



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