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What makes Bootcamp so different and why does it work so well?

bootcamp75First there is the focus on health.  Eating real food, drinking water, reducing alcohol intake, getting enough sleep.  All these things are part of the FitterFaster lifestyle.  There are very few programs that combine all of these into one.   This is not a diet that you go on for a while and then go back to your old habits.  This is a complete lifestyle change, a change that must become permanent if you want to maintain the benefits.  For some these changes are huge and in return the results are huge as well.
Secondly, I use a whole different training philosophy than most ‘weight loss’ programs.  I train everyone like they are an athlete.  Yes kids, mums, dads, grandmas, everyone.  We all train like athletes even if we don’t consider ourselves as one.
Athletes spend most of their time training on their feet.  They don’t lay down on a machine fully supported.  They use ground based exercises where they can develop their stability and balance.  Using machines means you will never work on developing these skills.  Life is not spent laying or sitting, you need to be able to move in all planes.
Life doesn’t happen in slow motion either.  Three sets of 10 repetitions, 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down-this has a place, but the body needs to be able to move quickly.  Life is full of complex movements that use many muscles and joints at the same time.  .  If you are going to lose your balance, or trip over, it happens quickly.  Your body needs to learn to react quickly and contend with whatever is thrown at it.
Isolation exercises like leg curls or leg extensions, if used too often or exclusively can develop imbalances often causing or aggravating injuries or chronic conditions.  Exercises like squats, lunges and step ups will allow imbalances to take care of themselves.  Using the body as a whole unit will develop you in ways that machines can just never do.  All muscles must work together over a range of joint movements.  Exercising each muscle in isolation is time consuming and ineffective.  These type of programs will never compete favourably with full body, ground based, athletic training.
bootcamp 018As athletes we are always aiming to improve our performance at Bootcamp.  The group dynamic promotes a competition type attitude in the participants.  And I don’t mean in a racing, I’ve got to win type way.  I mean, everyone is striving to be able to complete the full set, to take minimal rests and to be able to squat lower, run faster, jump higher or finish stronger.  Concentrating on your performance brings much greater results than thinking about how many calories you just walked off etc.  It also continues to provide motivation and keeps the results coming.
At FitterFaster Bootcamp I use a mix of body-weight calisthenics, strength/resistance exercises, balance drills, agility drills, flexibility and functional movements to improve the performance of your whole body.  I have an almost endless number of drill and exercise combinations all with different progressions to allow for varying levels of ability.  People that have been coming to Bootcamp for ages will often say “we haven’t done this before” but usually we have at some point-or at least some variation of it.  There are just so many movements and combinations that it may take some time to come back to some of them.  My favourites are regularly included though.
Using a variety of different tools including your bodyweight, the same ‘movements’ can be varied to challenge your body from different angles, at different speeds and with varied resistance.  You may look at it as a squat, but to me it is hip and knee flexion and extension.
No workout is ever the same, although we will often repeat certain drill combinations that have proven to give great results.  You will find yourself quickly progressing through the different levels of function.  And the cross over effect to the rest of your life will be noticeable within weeks.  If once you found it difficult to get up and down off the ground, even slowly, you will soon find yourself jumping up and down with more energy than you ever imagined.  Sometimes you don’t even notice how much you have improved till someone new starts and you remember how it was for you when you first came along to Bootcamp.
Some weeks we concentrate more on developing the cardiovascular system with high intensity intervals over a range of differently timed sets.
Other weeks will be devoted more to developing strength within the athletic training range.  Every session though will always have a combination of both types of training to ensure your overall athletic development.
So what sort of equipment do we use at FitterFaster Bootcamp?  Well there are no weight stacked machines that’s for sure.  There is nothing where your body is supported while you move one joint through all or some of it’s range of motion in isolation.
No, instead you will find skipping ropes, kettlebells, steps, tyres, hand weights, bands, ladders and heavy ropes.  Most of the drills and exercises utilise just your bodyweight, and of course there is the running as well.  Everyone ends up running, even those who swore that their body was not built to run or who had never tried it before.  We also train outdoors most of the time.  Outside where we can move in every direction. Sometimes we will not use any equipment besides our bodyweight for weeks at a time.
So what sort of benefits will you get from attending FitterFaster Bootcamps?
*Lose excess body fat
*Gain more energy all day every day
*Get better sleep
*Improve common health markers like cholesterol and blood pressure
*Get faster, stronger and quicker
*become more agile and mobile for daily life
*no longer struggle to run when in a hurry, or lift heavy items when required
*Just feel better, fitter and healthier
*Improvement in sports performance no matter which sport you play
bootcamp 048Does your current fitness program offer all of this?  FitterFaster Bootcamp can be your sole fitness activity, or it can mix well with your present sport or  any other favourite pastime.  If you like to spend time running, swimming or cycling, or enjoy going to the gym, you can combine those with Bootcamp and you can expect to improve your performance at them.
If you play netball, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, golf etc etc, you can improve your performance at them as well, just by doing FitterFaster workouts between your games and/or training sessions.
So what are you waiting for?  Come along and give it a go.  Email me at or call me on 0429 612975 at any time.
A schedule of Bootcamp times and venues can be found at

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