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what's more intense than mountain climbers

what's more intense than mountain climbers

A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity proved that high intensity intermittant exercise (like hard intervals) produces better fat loss results than higher duration lower intensity exercise (like walking, jogging or cycling)


Another study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology also showed that high intensity interval training  provides the best stimulus for increasing aerobic fitness and metabolic rate.

There are many studies like this that prove that people who exercise at high intensity and do it very regularly lose more weight and are able to keep it off much more effectively.  

What does this mean to you?

It means that you must exercise with intensity if you want results.  Walking and jogging are not enough.  Even moderate paced running will not give you the results you want to achieve.

It also means that you have to work out very often. At least 5 times per week if you want to see good results.  I have never said that this is easy.  Simple-yes, but easy-no.

It’s not enough to train occasionally, you must actually put in the effort at regular times every week.  

If you only train a couple of times per week, you will not get results and you will be lucky to maintain any benefits that you have achieved already.

High intensity intervals with short breaks for recovery are the only way to go.  The short breaks allow you to work at a higher intensity during the workout.  Combining these with resistance exercise will increase your metabolism so much more.

The type of workouts I prescribe at Bootcamp and for FitterFaster Home Workouts combine the exact methods that will get the best results.

If you change anything, the results will not be the same.  It is the same with the Nutrition Plans.  Add a little bit of this, or substitute that and before you know it, you will be wondering why it is not working.

Make a committment to be your best self.  Don’t make your own changes.  There is no magic ingredient that makes a food healthy, and no one magic exercise.  It is a total combination of  the correct training and the correct nutrition.  And most of all, remember:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.

So keep training hard, do those home workouts when you can’t come to Bootcamp and eat real, nutritious foods.  Avoid processed foods whenever possible.  If it didn’t grow on a tree or bush, or you couldn’t dig it up from the ground, or it didn’t have a mother-don’t eat it.  If it has an ingredient list,  it was processed.  It really is that simple.

To your health and mine




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