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FitterFaster Clean and Dry 40 Plan

Dry-July-icon-I-AM-DRYThe Dry July promotion is run to raise funds for cancer victims nation wide.  In Victoria, funds are given to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  The idea is to go totally alcohol free for the month of July.


At FitterFaster, I am going to take this one step further and use the month of July to do a total ‘detox’ nutrition plan that incorporates the Dry July campaign.  This will be called the Clean and Dry 40 Plan and will involve eliminating common irritating foods, additives, chemicals and drinks and consuming only wholesome, natural foods and drinks.

The whole program will run for 40 days.  It will start on 22nd June with a count down to the 1st of July.  Those first 9 days will be a step by step process of cutting out the foods and drinks that you will go without for the 31 days of July.  Taking this process step by step will help to eliminate any withdrawal symptoms that you may otherwise suffer if you just go cold turkey from day one.

What results can I expect?

Depending on your current nutritional intake, you can expect to:

  • lose some fat for a start 
  • lose centimetres from your body 
  • you will have more energy as your immune and digestive systems take a much needed breather from trying to process extra chemicals etc in your diet
  • your skin should begin to take on a clearer appearance and some skin conditions should actually improve or disappear all together
  • some conditions such as arthritis and joint pain can lessen due to a decrease in inflammation in your body
  • chronic fatigue sufferers can benefit greatly from this type of plan, the rest of us will just feel less fatigue and more energetic every day
  • any digestive problems you have such as reflux, heart burn, IBS etc will be much improved if not eliminated

Beginning on June 22nd, you will received instructions on what to cut out and what to add over the first 9 days.  Then on 1st July, you will follow the whole plan entirely- eliminating common allergins, chemicals, additives etc.  The program will be delivered via email.

Existing Bootcampers will be able to purchase just the Clean and Dry 40 Nutrition Plan on its own.

 New members will be able to purchase the Clean and Dry 40 Bootcamp Package which will include Bootcamp sessions for the 40 days and the Nutrition Plan together.

A percentage of the funds raised will go directly to the Dry July Campaign for cancer victims.

Further details will be sent soon.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please email me at or comment on this blog post by clicking on the link

If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this program, show them this post as well.



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