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Where to start?


 A huge welcome to the new fitterfaster clients this week.

Thankyou for putting your trust in me to help with your fitness and health goals.

If you put in the effort, you will not be disappointed. Results will come to those who make the right choices.

I thought I would talk a little bit about exercise today and how much is enough etc.

First of all, where should you start? It is best to not contemplate this too much and just start doing something. Some people get so caught up in the planning, that they neglect to actually do something about their problem. Any exercise is going to be better than none. Even walking is better than nothing, but as you know I recommend something a little more energetic for MOST people if you want to see results. Pick a fre

e workout from and just do it. Move on from there with a different one each time, or if you really enjoy the same one, repeat it till you get sick of it. Just get started. If you find it hard to get motivated or to stick to the workouts on your own, come and join Bootcamp. The first couple are free, so you can see what it is all about. They are lots of fun and you will definately work out harder than you will by yourself, therefore getting better results more quickly. If you don’t get any results from your group sessions, you get your money back, so what have you got to lose?

Secondly, how often should you exercise? If you are a new exerciser, who hasn’t done anything for a long time, I would suggest that you start off with a day or two between each workout. But only if you have

 trained with some intensity, as you will have some sore muscles and will need the extra recovery time. Then you can build up to working out every day for the best results. Just vary the exercises you are doing each day to avoid overtraining certain muscle groups. But don’t use overtraining as an excuse to not workout regularly. It is pretty hard to overtrain as long as you build up over time. I have regularly trained hard for 13-14 hours per week for a long time without suffering any overtraining effects. And I do have those nights where the kids keep my awake or are sick or whatever, just like everyone else. But I choose not to let excuses stop me and I find a way to fit it in.

How long should each workout last? This will also vary on the individual. If you train hard as I teach you, 20 minutes is plenty long eno

ugh, with maybe 2-3 workouts each week being up to an hour. Intensity is the key to keeping workouts short without losing their effectiveness. Short breaks, no interruptions and hard work will give you the best results.

Remember, it takes more than just saying you are going to do it. You actually have to put in the effort. Excuses just have to be pushed aside. “I’ve had a bad day,” “I’m too tired the baby kept me awake last night,” etc will not get you results. You must move past them and workout anyway.

Remember that it is those exact excuses that got you to where you are now. Change in your behaviour is what is needed to get changes in your body.


Just get started applies here too. You will find that doing a workout will actually give you some energy back and you will feel better physically and mentally for having made the effort. It becomes habit after a while, so choose to do it anyway for a month and notice the difference.

Again welcome to Fitterfaster’s new clients. I look forward to seeing you all regularly at each week’s Bootcamp sessions. You will not be disappointed in your results, as long as you remember that it is you that has to put in the effort. 



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  1. OHH Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. Thanks for sharing it. ^_^

    June 2, 2009 at 9:36 pm

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