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Soft drinks or diet soft drinks-that is the question

Are you still drinking soft drinks and diet soft drinks?  I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but you have to stop.  I came across this article recently from

It highlights more reasons to quit the habit.  If this doesn’t turn you off, I give up.

“When you  look at what makes up a regular soda you’ll see thinks like phosphoric acid that pulls important minerals away from your bones and has been linked to kidney disease. Research has shown that two more more sodas per day has doubled the likelihood of kidney disease.

Then there’s the aspartame that may cause various forms of cancer in dosages close to what is recommended for humans. Not sure how people can say “drink it you’re fine”.

What about the caffeine? Clearly one of the best performance enhancing supplements that we have but since it works on a receptor basis, the more you drink the more you need. 1 can today, 2 cans 5 days from now, 3 cans 8 days from now. All for the same effect as the first can.  So what actually happens to your body when you ingest a soda?

Here’s a breakdown (provided by the nutrition research center) of what happens from the time you finish a can…

First 10 minutes- About 10 teaspoons of sugar quickly enters your system. You won’t notice this,however, because companies add phosphoric acid that hides the flavor so you can actually stand it.

15-20 minutes later– Your blood sugar spikes rapidly and you know how all of this insulin floating around your body. You have no choice of to store most of it as bodyfat.

40 minutes later- Your body has now absorbed all of your caffeine. Your blood pressure is rising and your liver has no choice but to drop more sugar into your bloodstream. Your brain is blocked y the caffeine so you don’t get drowsy.

45 minutes later– Your body will increase its dopamine production to stimulate the pleasure center in your brain. This is the same way that heroin works.

Over 1 hour later- The phosphoric acid from the soda connects with the calcium, magnesium and zinc in your intestine, which will boost your metabolism. The high dosages of sugar and sweeteners will cause you to excrete calcium.

Over 1 hour later- The diuretic aspects of soda have finally begun. The calcium, magnesium and zinc that we mentioned before that WAS going to be used to improve your health in addition to the electrolytes and water in your body will now be forced out of your body during your next bathroom break.

Over 1 hour later- You’ll start to feel a hunger crash and may get tired or sluggish. You also are now dehydrated and void of various precious nutrients that could of made you feel better.

Want to me to get you another one?”

So what should you be drinking?  Water, what else.  You tell yourself how bad our water is blah blah, oh I couldn’t drink that, but you can justify the soft drinks anyway.  I think you just may be better off with our ‘quality’ water, don’t you think?



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