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Greatest Loser Presentation Night

FitterFaster’s inaugural Greatest Loser Challenge concluded this weekend with the Presentation Night. 

The well deserving winners were Tim Smith and Caroline McCreery who came in a very close second place.  Tim lost a total of 23.4kg and 72cm while Caroline lost 8.2kg and 51cm.  

Less than 1% behind the winners were Pip Freeman, Gayle Deason and Raelene Edwards  who lost 25.4kgs and 147cms between them.

The winners were determined by calculating their losses as a percentage of their starting weight and original girth measurements.  

The entrants lost 132.6kg and 722.5cm between them with the average loss being just over 7kg.   Overall the Greatest Loser challenge was a fantastic success with all entrants not just losing bodyfat and cms, but also gaining more energy and improving their health and outlook on life in many different ways.

What a great 12 weeks.  Well done again to everyone, now lets just continue on with the lifestyle changes so that you don’t slip back into those bad habits and back to where you started 12 weeks ago.

Even if you don’t come to Bootcamp, please keep up with the home workouts and the healthy eating as detailed in your Greatest Loser Manual.

And of course, if you do keep coming to Bootcamp, I look forward to working with you towards your next goals.



PS The next Greatest Loser challenge will begin in September-just in time to get you into great shape before summer, but dont wait till then to make the changes, begin now.  There is no time like the present



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