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‘You Can’t Out-Train A Bad Diet’ or ‘How To Get Results’


A big congrats goes to all the FitterFaster Bootcampers who have been putting in a fantastic effort over the past months. We have had lots of new Bootcampers start up in the past few weeks and also had some fellas come and try Bootcamp as well which is great to see. Word is spreading.  The results have been amazing. Everyone is getting fitter, stronger, leaner, they have better balance, more flexibility, more endurance and are feeling more energetic. Many cm’s have been lost, loads of fat has been shed.  I am told at every Bootcamp how such and such has gone down to a size 10 or whatever.

Another very important piece of the health and fat loss puzzle is your nutrition. You cannot out-train a bad diet. Too much sugar and alcohol cannot be overcome by exercising. Cruel I know, but best results will come to those who change the way they think about what they are consuming on a daily basis. Here are some basic tips for improving your nutrition. These are the first and vital steps you must take to get results. I will expand the list in future blogs, but get these things under control first.

1. Cut down on breads, pastas, pastries, cakes, biscuits, wraps, rice, cereals, museli or breakfast/health bars, etc. This includes multi grain and wholemeal varieties. These foods are processed!!! Since when did a loaf of bread grow on a tree? Try to limit these foods to one serve of wholemeal or multigrain per day. Once serve is a slice of bread or 1 cup of cooked pasta. Remember Grains are not my friends.

2. Eat protein everytime that you eat. This will stabilise the blood sugar/insulin response and also supply quality nutrients that you body needs for complete health. Protein is found in meats, fish, eggs, whey powder and also yoghurt. Nuts and seeds also contain small amounts of protein. Limit yoghurt to 1 serve a day of full cream (do not choose diet or low fat)

3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables at every meal or snack. Most of every meal and snack should be made up of fruits and vegetables. There is no limit to the amount of these that you can eat except limit vegies that are not as nutritious like potatoes to one small one per day. Remember rule 2 and combine with protein.

4. Drink only water or tea or coffee. This includes cutting down on alcohol. There are a million reasons to stop drinking every or nearly every day. Even one drink begins a cascade of bad reactions in your body. Many of which also slow or reverse your fat loss efforts as well as effecting your health. Limit yourself to 2 days per week where you consume alcohol. By the way, cut out soft drinks, cordials and fruit juices as well. And skip those lattes and flat whites from the cafe. They are both almost all milk-refer no. 5

5. Cut out milk and if you can cheese too. Limit milk to a tiny amount in coffee or tea. It is for baby cows, not humans. We are the only animal that drinks milk beyond infancy and look at our state of health compared to other species. They may be onto something.

6. Eat every 2-3 hours. Yes don’t go more than 3 hours without eating.

7. Include small serves of nuts and seeds in your diet every day.

8. Stop having take away. Cooking a meal from scratch really doesn’t take long and is the basis of good eating.

9. If it came in a packet, or has a list of ingredients, stop eating it!!

10. Once per week, eat something you love and disregard all the rules.

11. Exercise every day. Need I say more-but if you require more info, go to or start coming to Bootcamp

Sticking to these rules will get you well on the way to a healthy and lean body. Every rule is important and although sticking to one or two of them will help, you will never reach your full potential without improving your whole lifestyle including your diet and physical activity.

Until you follow these rules every day, you do not need to worry about serving sizes or quantities of carbs or protein etc. Stick to eating real, non-processed foods and it will make a huge difference. Stop worrying about calories and carbs and get healthy food into you. Don’t worry about the latest supplement of weight loss pill or drink. These basic rules will increase your fat loss much more than any of these ever will despite the advertising promises.   THERE IS NO MAGIC  Remember that.


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