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StormForce Challenge Week 9 and counting

Week 9 over.  It was a toughy and I found it hard to fit everything in to be honest.

I had a great training session in at the YMCA on Wednesday night for half of Ben and Caitlin’s squad swim time which was nice for a change.  Other sessions including sprint training on the treadmill, lots of kettlebell work, plyometric training and some more strength as well.

My legs are feeling pretty fatigued at the moment, but apart from that I am feeling great.  Very fit and ready for a new week’s worth of training sessions.

Weight  57.6kg

Waist 68cm

Hips 92cm

Thigh 51.5cm

Some changes there, but nothing major.  

So all in all the StormForce training is going well.  Jon Le Tocq certainly knows how to push us.  I have noticed a lot dropping off though, but I am not going to be one of them!!  Hopefully I will be able to fit in all the training sessions this week with my own Greatest Loser Weigh In and Challenge taking up most of next weekend.



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