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Keep That Fat Loss Coming

Here are my tips for upping the ante for the last 3 weeks of the Greatest Loser Challenge.

  • Keep a food diary again-this is essential.  Get yourself 2 little notebooks and record everything and I mean everything in one of them.   Be honest.  Bring it to Bootcamp and hand it in.  While I have it, start recording in the other one and at your next Bootcamp, we will swap them over.  Make sure you record your name on the cover.  This is not compulsary, but will really help.  It is so much easier to say no when I am going to see it written down.  Don’t leave anything out that passes those lips-you are only cheating yourself if you do.
  • Cut out all milk including soy and rice milk.  
  • Eliminate anything that contains artificial sweeteners.  They slow fat loss and some can kill you
  • Eliminate alcohol and grain based products
  • Pay attention to your recovery, recovery, recovery.  All Challengers from yesterday are to take either today or tomorrow off entirely.  If really sore, take both days.  This is not negotiable.
  • Be prepared.  If you have to pack food, pack it.  If you have to make it the night before, do so.  Take your workout clothes to work so you can come straight to Bootcamp.  Set that alarm.  Do whatever it takes.
  • On recovery again, make sure you have 8 hours sleep every night.  Yes every night.  This makes a difference to your fat loss if you have everything else sorted out.  Work out what time you need to be asleep to get 8 hours in before you need to get up.  Nothing bad will happen if you miss that TV show.
  • Better recovery=more energy and better fitness levels=better workouts=more calorie burn and more muscle=less fat
  • Surround yourself by individuals who support your efforts and goals.  Avoid those who try to sabotage your efforts in order to justify their own actions (or lack of) in their own minds.  ” a small piece wont hurt” or “it wont hurt to miss one training session”  Sound familiar?  That little bit will make a difference and so will missing that workout.
  • Make sure that you are taking your 4 fish oils each day as well as a multi vitamin-comes back to good recovery among many other health benefits
  • Only 100% comittement will work. 
  • You have in your hands, a proven, detailed program of nutrition and fitness that works.  Give it 100%-no less.  Get focused and pay attention to detail.  DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT LITTLE PIECE, OR DO YOU WANT A NEW BODY??  Keep your eye on the prize and that prize is a lean, fit, energetic body that you will be proud of.
  • Quit the excuses.  Stop rationalising to yourself why you cant make it to Bootcamp today, or why you finished that workout early or stopped short of the end of the set.  The only person you have to be honest with is yourself.  You are the one who has to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Follow everything in your Greatest Loser Manual and the above points.  Dont leave anything to chance.  Give it 100% and continue to reap the benefits.

Scroll down and check out the previous post and see how much weight everyone has lost already if you havent already seen it.



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  1. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

    April 20, 2009 at 11:03 pm

  2. This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

    April 21, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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