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My Storm Force Challenge Update

Well we have completed Week 7 of the Storm Force Challenge. I haven’t taken photos this week due to time restraints with my FitterFaster Greatest Loser Comp, but my measurements are as follows:

Waist  68cm

Hips 93cm

Thigh 53cm

Weight 57.6kg

I am really really enjoying the challenge of Jon’s workouts.  Yesterday I strung 2 together and hit a personal best on the interval run part of it, even on legs that were quickly fatiguing.   I ran my intervals (length varied from 200m -1500m) at around 14kph which may not be fast to some of you, but is very fast for me.  I had the treadmill on a 3% incline as well and halved the prescribed rest periods to 60sec or less.  

I can feel myself getting fitter, faster and stronger just from having a bit more consistency in my program.  As I have said before, there are no new magic exercises or anything.  It’s just having someone else to set the routine and make sure that I am doing it.  I am being held accountable!



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