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Great Losses Recorded So Far

3 short weeks to go. That’s all that is remaining of the first FitterFaster Greatest Loser Competition.  Some of you were a bit disappointed at this last weigh in, so I wanted to provide an extra bit of inspiration to you all.  Below I have listed some of the losses that have been achieved by FitterFaster clients so far on their journeys to a healthier body and mind.

In no particular order:

Narelle      7.2kg

Deb            9.4kg

Tim          19.8kg

Cheryl       6.6kg

Mandy       1.8kg

Caroline    6.4kg

Gayleen     7.2kg

Betina         5.2kg

Jacinta       5.6kg

Maree         4.1kg

Raelene      6.2kg

Sue               4kg

Ange            4kg

Brooke        4kg

Pip                6.2kg

Cathy           9.2kg

Mandy         7.6kg

Deanne        3.2kg

Karin            3.2kg

Sue                3kg

Tania            9.3kg

Tara              3.6kg

Brian             5kg

Brooke          3.4kg

Gayle            11.1kg

And there are many  more, these are just the Greatest Loser Entrants.  Most of these losses have occured in the past 9 weeks.  Just 9 short weeks.

Isn’t that amazing.  Look at those results, I mean really look at them numbers.  A lot of these people have been trying to get that weight off for a long time, but it just wouldn’t budge.  There has been no magic pill or potion.  No magic exercise machine or gadget that would do it.  It all boils down to eating healthy food and training hard.  There is no secret.

And it doesn’t stop there.  There has been lots more fat lost than those numbers show, because not only have these people lost fat,  but they have put muscle on as well.  We are now testing the body composition of all FitterFaster clients so that everyone can see even if the scale isn’t moving, that they are improving their fat to lean weight ratio and therefore not just fitting into smaller clothes, but also improving their health.

Later today, I will be putting some more tips on the blog.  Tips that will help you to refocus and get the best results possible.  These ideas are for everyone, whether you attend FitterFaster or not, but particularly apply to the Greatest Loser Entrants.   In the meantime, I want everyone who attended the Team Challenge yesterday to take either today or tomorrow off training entirely.  Yes that is you!!!  Make sure you take this advice, you need to let your body recover from that amazing effort yesterday and get stronger and fitter as a result.  That is an order.  An entire day off-no training whatsoever.  



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