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Exercise Equipment-what do you need?

I am often asked how much you need to spend to set up a good home gym. The quick answer is not much. Dont be fooled into thinking you need a fantastic treadmill or pin loaded weight machine. Unless you love running, or are training for an event where you need to run, a treadmill is unnecessary.

I once owned a great big pin loaded weight machine too. I hardly ever used it and ended up selling it for about $150 on Ebay. It was just a huge waste of space. Now I use adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells a skipping rope and most of all, my own bodyweight.

There are such a huge number of things you can do with next to no equipment to absolutely burn the body fat quickly and leaner and stronger. One thing I love to do is pick an exercise, such as a kettlebell snatch or swing or burpees and do them for high repetitions. I might start with a set of 20 reps, then 19, then 18 etc etc. When I get down to 1 rep, I may go back up again, but usually, the first 20 sets are more than enough. And it doesnt take very long either. Take minimal or no rests if possible. You will be hard pressed to find a faster fat burner.

Choose a multijoint exercise for best effect. Bicep curls or crunches will not be effective for this type of workout. The choices are endless: Front squat, lunges, clean and press, swings, squat thrusts, etc etc. And no huge equipment required. You will also elevate your metabolism for hours after a workout like this. Visit my website for heaps more free workouts like this one  and more about exercise equipment



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