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My Storm Force Challenge Update Week 5

jo-butler-wee-5-backjo-butler-week-5-front1jo-butler-week-5-sideWell we’ve had an easier week this week, which was just as well seeing I had a slight cold earlier on.  Feeling great now though, so I am fully ready to take on this week where we are upping our workouts to 5 sessions from now on-3 conditioning and 2 strength.  After some test sets yesterday, I have sore glutes (butt) today!

End of week 5 measurements:

Waist 67cm

Hips 92cm

Thigh 51cm

Weight 57.4kg

I am feeling pretty fit at the moment, so I hope I can manage my 7 Bootcamps and the 5 Storm Force Workouts as well especially seeing at Jon has stepped up the intensity a notch (again) I am looking forward to improving my pull up, push up and vertical and long jump performance over the next few weeks with a variety of exercises and drills including, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, sprints, skipping, pullups, burpees and some different exercises using weights.

See you all at Bootcamp



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