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week-6-greatest-loser-photos-004Greta Fitzgibbon is our first Bootcamper of the Month. 

For  regular Bootcampers, there is no need to list the reasons I have chosen Greta to be the Bootcamper of the Month for April but I will anyway

Greta always puts in a 110% effort at every Bootcamp.  She never complains, never slacks off, trys her hardest and goes her hardest at all times.  At every opportunity she provides encouragement to other Bootcampers.  She embodies the ‘no excuses’ attitude.  With 10 kids and a hubby to look after, she still finds time to look after herself.  Even after an hour of training in the pouring rain and mud, she still had a smile for the camera. 

Greta was also equal first in the ‘most Bootcamps attended’ race for the past 3 weeks, attending an outstanding 16 Bootcamps to equal Gail Deason’s effort.

Well done Greta.  You are truly an inspiration to all of us in so many ways.



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