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My Storm Force Challenge update

So far so good on my personal challenge.  Jon Le Tocq has set some really tough workouts for us to do.  Sometimes sprints, sometimes kettlebell circuits, plyometric workouts and more.  Something different every time, but always hard work.

I did one at the YMCA this week.  I needed to use their rower.  Boy was it a toughy.  16 x rowing intervals interspiced with kettlebell exercises, plyometrics, lots of pushups and others.  I was really really sweating by the end of it.  I hope I didnt scare anyone in the gym.

I am feeling pretty fit at the moment, it’s stepped me up a notch consistency wise.  I had gotten a bit here and there over the last 6 weeks, so it is great to be focused again. 

So everyone join me on the ‘be focused’ train.  Let’s get through each Bootcamp together, do Home Workouts with a friend or partner and keep getting the great results that we have gotten so far.



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