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Storm Force Challenge week 1 over















jobutler08march09backFirst week over for the Storm Force Challenge.  Photos as required are attached.  Not sure if I see any differences yet, but several people have told me I have lost weight-which I haven’t by the way.

Measurements are:

Weight – 57.8kg

Waist – 69cm

Hips – 94cm

R Thigh – 50.5cm Which I think means 1cm off waist and half a cm off thigh. No changes in weight and I think my hips have gone up a bit.  Bugger!!!

It has been great to do these workouts this week.  I am feeling like I am being challenged which is great.  No new exercises (i know that disappoints you Bootcampers) just some new ways of combining them.  It is more the challenge of being told what to do instead of having to decide myself that is making this great for me. 

The workouts consisted of loads of skipping, pushups, burpees, sprinting and longer distance running (flat out) and loads of different KB exercises and plyometric exercises combined in circuits and combinations that I think are designed to make me throw up.

I have really enjoyed it, and as I look through Week Two which we have just received, I can see that the pace has been upped from Week One.  I can’t wait-bring it on.



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